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Friendship Messages

so all are waiting for national friendship day 2018 to celebrate a day with your friend. yeah your best friend will be happy if you celebrate  international friendship day,international friendship day 2018 with him or her. your wishes on with international day of friendship 2018,world friendship day, national friends day 2018 will bring smile on her or his face. yes we should enjoy  best friends day and share happy friendship day quotes  with our national friend ,happy friends and facebook friends .

We all know our friends are our family. Many of us take friends as granted, don’t do this. They are very special part of our life.  It’s very important to show them how special they are for us. They stand with us when we face tough times. They are our heart and we dial their heart every time we are in some troubles.  We celebrate friendship day with them.  This day we show our sentiments which are genuine and true. We love to express them in our words. We sometimes try to find some special friendship quotes, friendship Messages and great thoughts for them so that we can show them how much important they are. For you all people I collected so of the best Messages for friends, friendship Messages, and friendship SMS and so on. Happy international friendship day is widely celebrated all over the world with full excitment and parties. Happy national friendship day is the day they specially go for party. International bestfriend day will help you to let him know how special he is for you.Best friend day 2018 is really important for  friends 2018.

whens best friends dayits on 5th august. So are you celebrating friendship and close friends day. On this day facebook you will see just national internet friend day images and quotes. When is national friendship day is asked among friends to plan for a day.Friendship day in India is celebrated with full pace and enjoyment and parties.

 Is today friendship dayyes its today.

Happy friendship day best friend is important to strengthen your bond with your firends. so share national friendship day quotes  and celebrate  friendship day in usa.  friendship day ecards are waiting for you to share it on world best friend day .


 Messages for friends

Messages for friends

Ice is cold can t be hold friendship is gold can t be sold Rose is a flower that lives 4an hour but frndship is a power that lives 4ever

Friendship Messages     

Friends have to quarrel to know whether their friendship is true. A real friend will never drag his friend through the muck in public – on the contrary, he will say how great, kind and honest his friend is.

Friendship SMS      

Best friends are like a pair of shoes,
You have many options to select,
But when selected you can step a single step without it,
Happy friendship day

Message for a Friend               

Some friends are like a Flower.

and when they finally bloom they wilt away

in just one day

and some times just by noon.

Some friends are like a cloudy day

and when the sun’s in sight.

it gets blocked by the grayest cloud

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Best Friendship Day Messages


Message to a Friend

50 years from now, I’d be so old I might forget u. I might not remember ever knowing u, or might forget I once cared for u. I might.. but I won’t.

Friendship msg      

Useful friends are not these whom you use for personal purposes – these are friends who are able to make you happy, when you’re upset; who are able to inspire you when it seems that no hope is left.

SMS Friend ship     

There’s nothing in the world that can compare to the stomachaches you get from laughing too hard with your best friends.


Friendship SMS in English    

True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it is lost. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

SMS for friends      

We should remember and care about our friends not only while we’re together, but when they’re far away. Long-distance friendship is the strongest one.

Friendship SMS in hindi

Thank you Messages for Friend

Friendship text Messages      

Tear’s of eyes r valuable.,……….

Speech of lips r powerfull…………

Heart with love is beautifull……………

Life with frnd like u…………..is the most


Good Messages for Friends   

Friendship is like a computer;
I ‘enter’ ur life,
‘save’ u in my heart,
‘format’ ur problems.

Friendship Messages in English    

The most important thing is quality, not quantity. That’s why we have to strive to have good, reliable and understanding friends, but not false and lying fakes.

Best Friend Messages              

Friendship is like wine: it gets better as it grows older. Just like us. I get better and you get older. Sending you a big hug on this Best Friends Day my dear.

Hindi friendship SMS

Thank you Message to a Friend

Message to Friend 

They say that the best way to know your friend is on the road. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s the road in a journey or the road of life. Time will straighten it all and show the real faces of the people we call friends.


Friendship Messages

 Friendship Messages

thank you Message for a friend


Best Messages for Friends

Some friends are remembered because of their smile. Some friends are remembered because of their style. But u are remembered because u r so nice to remember. Take care.

Friendship text


Love belongs 2 boy & girl
Study belongs 2 teacher & student
Life belongs 2 husband & wife


FRIENDSHIP belongs 2 two sweet hearts like
“U” & “ME”

Cute fFriendship Messages

Handsome, Sweet, Intelligent, Spontaneous, Good Looking, Nice Friends, Charming, Funny, well… Enough about ME! How about u?
Friends may not meet.
Friends may scatter.
But if hearts are loyal.
Distance never matter.

Friendship SMS Hindi



Best Friend SMS


Think twice before calling someone your friend. But if it happened, never think twice whether to call this person your friend in public. Friendship never tolerates ambiguity and distortions – it needs to be clear.

Best Friend text Messages

A LOVER says:

“if anything happens 2 u’

I will not be alive.”

but A FRIEND says:

Nothing will happen 2 u till I am alive”

That’s friendship …….!!

Text Friends

If u r a chocolate ur the sweetest, if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable, If u r a Star u r the Brightest, and since u r my “FRIEND” u r the “BEST”!!!!!!!!!

Nice Messages for Friends

If you want to have a perfect friend, you also have to be perfect. But nobody’s perfect, that’s why we have to accept and learn to love all the drawbacks of our dear friends.

Best Friend texts

Sweet heart is a special word for (Love) Love is a special word for (Care) Care is a special word for (Friend) Friend is a special word only for u.


Message of friendship

Friendship is a network that needs:
no recharge!
no roaming!
no validity!
no activation!
no signal problems!
just don’t switch off your heart!

Message on Friendship

Friends are not things. We mustn’t choose them, trade them, lose them… Friends are living beings who must be very close and dear to our hearts, that’s why we should love, appreciate and take care of them.


love friendship SMS


SMS on Friendship

Birth’ is once..

‘Youth’ is once..

‘Death’ is once..

‘Love’ is once..

‘Marrage’ is once.




For ever…..!


Friendly SMS

FRIENDSHIP isn’t how U forGet but how U forGive,
Not how U liSten but how U UnderStand,
Not what U see but how U feel,
and not how U Let Go but how U hold oN!!!

Good Friendship Messages

You may have money, fame or power, but if you never know what real friendship is, you’ll never know the real happiness.


Msg for Friends

Keeping a friend is as difficult as losing one.

U sacrifice a lot to Keep Them.

I may not have sacrificed enough 4 u?

But in my heart i swear i m Keeping u.

Friendship Messages for Friends

A real friend: Cares like a Mom; Scolds like a Dad; Teases like a Sister; Irritates like a Brother; And loves more than a lover. Happy Friendship Day

Short Message for a Friend


One really strong, noble and long-lasting friendship is worth a hundred of fake and unworthy friends


Friendship SMS Messages

A PersOn Living IN AnOther PersOn’s Heart Is Called lOve-
BUT A PersOn Living AS AnOther PersOn’s Heart Is Called Friendship

Friendship SMS English

Sometimes, I forget to say hi,
Sometimes, I even miss to reply,
Sometimes, my Message doesn’t reach you,
But, it doesn’t mean that I forget you,
I just giving you time to miss me!

Friendship Messages for her

Friendship is the most amazing phenomena. Without any kinship, friends feel a special connection. Without any romantic entanglement, friends feel deep love for each other. True friendship is the purest relationship that one can ever have.


Msgs for Friends

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay forever and leave footprints on our hearts.

Fext Messages for Friends

The relation between one heart
and another heart is called love,
but the relation between heart and heartbeat is called Friendship. Happy Friendship Day.

Nice Message to a Friend

It’s priceless to know that if you’re in trouble, your friend will come to help you and if you’re happy, your friend will home to make you doubly happy.

Good friend SMS

I believe in Angles, the kind that heaven sends,I am sorrounded by Angles.but i call them friends………


Message for a good friend

The only difference between friends and lovers is that the first don’t need any kisses or hugs to prove their feelings to each other.


Msg on friendship

If U needs a friend and there are a hundred steps between us, you can take the 1st step to get near me and i will take all 99 step to be there for you.

Message friends

The most pleasant company is the company of your friends. The most interesting communication is the one with your friends. The most exciting life is the life shared with your friends.


Friendship love Messages

A memory lasts forever, and never does it die. True friends stay together and never say good bye.

Good Friend Message

A real friend is someone who knows that you’re not perfect and have drawbacks, but he will never tell it anybody – on the contrary, a true friend will tell them all that you’re the most amazing man on the planet.

True Triendship Messages

Colors may fade, the sun may not shine, the moon may not be bright, heartbeats may stop, lives may pass but our friendship, I’ll treasure ’till the day my heart stops.

Message to a Good Friend

Being a friend to everybody is being a friend to nobody. Friendship is a lot deeper than it may seem from the first time. And if you manage to stand all the tests , you’ll reach the true meaning of it.


Beautiful Messages for Friends

How long shall we be friends? Do you want a clue? As long as stars twinkle in the sky, till the water runs dry and till the day I die. We will be friends.

Friendship love SMS


Good Message for a Friend

Choosing friends means choosing your surroundings. It determines our intellectual and emotional development and most often has a tremendous impact on our life and our personality. Our friends are the mirror that gives us the submission of ourselves.

Beautiful Friendship Messages


“Friendship is like a violin; the music may stop now and then, but the strings will last forever.”

SMS to Friends

Nowadays it’s easier to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend than a real, honour and devoted friend. That’s why we should appreciate our friends and never let them down.

Funny Friendship SMS

What is a friend? He looks out for you, inspires you, laughs with you, cries with you, understands you, guides you and walks with you. That’s what a friend is?you.

Lovely Friendship SMS

Sometimes it’s better to give up on your own opinion or position than on your best friend. Compromises will pave the way to a strong and infinite friendship.


Great Friendship Messages

Definition of my Friend
My medicine when i was in pain
My letter when i m far
My smile when i m sad
My hanky when i cry
and one more breadth
when i die

Friendship Quotes SMS

Never regret loosing friends. If they disrespect you, betray or use you, they’re never worth keeping them so close to you. It is not true friendship – it’s only a waste of time.

Lovely Messages for Friends

Making million’s of friends is not a miracle,
The miracle is to make a friend who can stand by u,
When million’s of people are against u



There’s a recipe of a strong and long friendship. The ingredients are: common interests, respect, understanding, the ability to listen, kindness and generosity. If you strictly abide by this recipe, you’ll get an unbelievable friendship!

Love friendship Messages

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Friendship is one mind in two bodies.


A Message to a friend

Really great things are those that include many little things that live in peace and understanding. Even the Universe is not that giant at all: it consists of planets, asteroids, galaxies… Friendship also works this way and is made of many pleasant little things.


Best Friend SMS in English

Eyes speak more when a heart starts listening to someone silently…
And life becomes more exciting when someone reads your eyes silently…

Friends Like U

Short Messages for friends

Real friends should have eaten salt and sugar together and stood the test of time. Real friends won’t give up on their friendship, because they know that together they’re invincible and, what is more important, happy.


Friendship texts

I was never tired of this life and it’s not gonna matter if I fall down twice, coz I know each time I fall, you won’t let me hit the ground. Thanks for being around my friend.!


A Message for a friend

A real friend is an extension of you, of your body and your soul. He’s like a safe place, where you can put your secrets and be sure that they will never go beyond it, because your friend’s heart is yours and vice versa.

Friends msgs

Genuine friends r those who care without hesitation, remember without limitation, forgive without any explanation, and love with little communication.

Friendly Message

Real friends are these who have much in common: preferences and something they both dislike, hobbies and attitude. Real friends are soulmates, who understand and respect each other.

Messages for Friends in English

Did u read the newspaper today? An UFO landed on earth.
According 2 the news aliens r looking 4 the cutest human on earth. As a friend don’t tell them that I am here :o)

Love and Friendship Messages

Friendship has many amazing qualities, but the main of them all is the opportunity to be yourself and not to be afraid to be got wrong. Friendship makes us take off our masks and see who we really are.

Message for a Special Friend

I tried to call you but couldn’t reach you!!!
the helpline people told me that i can call on earth only!
And You r the Moon

Funny SMS for Friends

You understand the value of friendship only when you lose it. That’s why it’s so important to enjoy and appreciate every minute spent with your friend and try to save relationships despite everything.

Message for Good Friend

Sometimes…life gets soo busy…I couldn’t say Hi, make a call or send a reply…but it doesn’t mean i 4got U…coz in my heart i keep U

Nice Message for a Friend

A man is the supreme value only when somebody really needs him, only when somebody appreciates and loves him. And friendship is the best way to understand how precious and unique you are.

Best Friendship Msg in English

If U feel tired and Pain in ur legs…
Its Just because U come and go Many times in my Mind!

Love Message to a Friend

If you want to save and enrich friendship, you have to learn to forgive. Friendship requires self-sacrifice and the ability to accept our friends just the way they are. You’ll understand that friendship is worth it eventually.

Greetings Messages for friends

1 Rose exclusively 4 a nice person like u from an ever nice person like me.
Keep the Rose until it Dry…Keep my relationship until I Die .

Friends SMS text Messages

Friendship is about sharing everything: happiness, sorrows, mood, ideas, opinions, home, money, food. Sharing is what makes friendship so unique and pleasant.

Special Message for a Friend

We will be friends…
as longs as stars twikle in the sky ….
As long as angels there up high…
till oceans run dry and till the day I die

Latest Friendship SMS

A best friend is someone you trust better than yourself. It’s someone who you love stronger than yourself. It’s someone whose interests you’re ready to put above your own interests if it’s necessary. A real friendship doesn’t tolerate egoism.


English Messages for Friends

When does a friend become a best friend?
When his dialouge, “I care for you” converts into “I will kill you if you don’t care for me”

English friendship SMS

A real friend is like a doctor: he knows where it hurts and knows how to heal all wounds. But still there’s one difference: unlike doctor, your friend doesn’t need to ask any questions to know what’s wrong with you. He intuitively knows the right treatment and the ways to make you happy.

SMS to a Friend


Lovely Friendship Messages

Friendship is almighty and invincible. It has many unique properties. You may share happiness and grief with you friend, and the first will be multiplied and the second will diminish. It’s a real magic, isn’t it?

Message for a Best Friend

Zindagi mein hamesha naye dost milenge, kahi zyada to kahin kum milenge. Aitbaar zara soch kar karna, mumkin nahi tumhe har jagah HUM milenge.

SMS Friendship Messages

A real friend means the world. A wonderful, sometimes incomprehensible, but still close and dear one to your own world. And together you mean a whole Universe.

Best Friend SMS Messages

Sweetness can be defined without honey.
Fragnance can be defined without Rose.
But, friendship can’t be defined without YOU.

Text for Friends

What is friendship? It is when you give and expect nothing in return. It’s when you take and know that your friend expects nothing in return. Real friendship is pure and selfless.


love Message for a friend

Cute Friendship SMS

Always try to spend some time for your true friends, even though you are very busy.
Cause one day you can get free time, but there will be no friends around you.


SMS for Best Friend

Heart beat are countless, spirits are ageless, dreams r endless, memories are timeless and a friend like u is Useless…..

Oops! Sorry Yaar, Priceless


Special Messages for Friends

What does true friendship mean?
It means understanding, but not agreement.
Also friendship means to forgive, but not to forget.
It means, that even if contact is lost, memories will last forever

Message to a Special Friend

God apun se pucha, Kidhar jana mangta ?
Apun ko malum, Tum sala dost log udharich milega,
Bole to Jidhar tum, Woich apun ka SWARAG!!


Special friend Messages

Respect the friends who have time for you in their busy schedule,
But truly love and trust only those friends, who never look at their schedule when you really need them.


Thank you friend Message

Friendship greetings Messages

1 Advice- Don’t change, 1 request- take care, 1 wish- Don’t forget me, 1 Lie- I hate U, 1 truth- I Miss U, 1 hope- We’ll always be Gud Friends.

A Message to a best friend

Friendship is like a silent, unbreakable promise „you are my friend no matter what“.


English SMS Friendship

Things will change from Class room 2 office,
Books 2 files, Jeans 2 formals,
Pepsi 2 juices, Girl friends 2 wife,
what will never change is, yaaron ki yaar!

Friendship Messages for him

When you are happy, you wish to be with the person who you love the most,
But when you are sad, you wish to be with the person who loves you the most.


Friendship Messages for Best Friend

There is no distance too far between best friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart.

Special Message to a Friend

Love is like a call – you can miss it,
While true friendship is like a text Message – it will wait for you, till you open it.


Friendship Messages in English for Friends

Birth is the “Start of life”
beauty is the “art of life”
Love is the “part of life”
Friendship is the “Heart of life”

Friendship Wishes Messages

Friends are just like fishes – it takes time to catch a good one,
Just like I caught you,
So be good, or I will fry you, buddy!


Message for My Friend

Birth is the “Start of life”
beauty is the “art of life”
Love is the “part of life”
Friendship is the “Heart of life”

Message for Special Friend

It‘s good to have money and buy the things, but never forget to make sure that you haven‘t lost something important that money can‘t buy – friends.



Friendship Love Message

Friends and Friendship it’s a package of
nobody can “Make” it.
nobody can “Break” it.
nobody can ” Explain” it.
only “me” and “you” can “Feel” it.

Friendly Message to a Friend

I don‘t need words to talk about friendship, because I‘m lucky to have an amazing person, who understands even my silence.


Message to My Friend

Feeling of love + Moment of caring +
small small sharing + stupid fights +
shoulder to cry + to be together in pain
creates a miracle called “FRIENDSHIP”

Friendship Card Message

I have born under a lucky star,
Cause I found a true friend as you are!


Cute Friendship Fext Messages

Everytime i hear a msg tone, I always hope 1 of them comes from U…My simcard has a limited Memory.. But my simheart has Unlimited space 4 U


Best SMS for Friends

Just want let you know that my silence doesn‘t mean that I forgot you or do not care about you,
Cause true friendship is like the air, it‘s always around you, even if you cannot see it.


Friend Message Quotes

Best friends are those, who don‘t have any expectations from each other, but sincerely do care for each other.


Thanks Message for Friends

Friendship id like standing on wet cement…the longer u stand the harder it is to leave…and even if u leave…u always leave ur foot prints behind. THANK YOU MY FRIEND


Nice Msg for Friends

The privilege of true friendship is that we can talk total nonsense, and the best part is that we respect that nonsense.


Text Message Friend

A lot o people will walk in and out of ur life…BUT…
Only True friends will leave foot prints in ur heart

SMS for Friends in English

Sharing memories, secrets and smiles that touch the heart.
Laughter, long talks, when we are near or far apart.
I am so glad that from being strangers
We have grown to perfect friends!


Best frnd SMS

Lie can give a 100 reasons to Cry, But u can give me a 1000 reasons to SMILE :o)

Message for True Friends

Good friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget.

Nice SMS for Friends

Conversations may be short and silences long, but friendship makes for life’s most beautiful song.

Text to Friend

Sweet things are easy to buy…
Sweet words are eary to say…
Sweet people like U r Difficult to find

Friendship SMS

Friendship SMS

Text for Best Friend

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

Love Messages for Best Friend


Msgs for Best Friend

A day spend with friends is always a day well spend.

Gift Message for Friend

Our friendship is a rare type of currency. It never depreciates, it always appreciates, it is acceptable in all countries but it is available only to a lucky few friends like us.

Friend ship Msg

A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.

Friend ship Messages

Anything in excess is said to be bad. The only exception to this is our friendship.

Good SMS for Friends

Everyone hears what you say… Friends listen to what you say… Best friends listen to what you don’t say…


Fake friends are like shadows. They follow you in the sun and leave you in the dark.


Best SMS for Best Friend in English

Even though you are miles away from me, you seem to be closer than most of my family living in the same house.

Text Message for Best Friend

A friend is sweet gift
an emotional lift, a heart healer,
a mood chiller, a gem so rare.


Message about Friendship

Friendz.! Who are they ?

The one who holds ur hand in a crowd, which is against u.

The one who taps ur back, when ur wrong.

The one who does evrything for u, but then refuses to take thanks.

The one who msgs u, saying abey rply to kar.
The one who makes u smile & stops ur tears & hmslf/hrslf starts c rying.

Send dis to al ur friends, evn to ths who are not in touch or who r far awy frm u & who r angry on u.

Just tell dem.. “YAAR TU SPECIAL HAI”

Good Friends Messages Quotes

Relation of friendship is greater then the relation of blood.

Message with Friends

I fight like crazy with you, but isn’t this what best friends are meant to do?


Send Message to Friend

When u mix rice in milk
u call it kheer
When u mix vinegar in milk
u call it paneer
When u mix a gud frnd like me in ur life
u call it Takdir


Greeting Message to a Friend

A true friend is someone who never gets tried of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again.


Friendship Message English

I will stay friends with you at any cost. After all, our friendship is priceless.

Love Friendship text Messages

Making a million friends is not an art,
but the real art is to make a friend who will stand with u
when millions are against u.

Greeting Message for a Friend

A good friend would bail you out of jail but your best friend would be the one sitting next to you saying, damn that was cool.

Friendship Messages for Girl

A boyfriend’s love is special. But a best friend’s love is unconditional.


Best Message to Friend

My Friendship means
a little heart that never hates,
a cute smile that never fades,
a smooth touch that never shakes &
a strong relationship that never breaks.

Friendly Love Messages

Painting is feeling, never spoil it,
Face is a book, try to read it,
Love is precious, b ready to sacrifice for it,
Friendship is like a mirror, never break it.

Message to Good Friend

A good friend would bail you out of jail but your best friend would be the one sitting next to you saying, damn that was cool.

A nice Message to a Friend

We have accepted each other’s past. We’ll stick together until we last. We promise to be there for each other. That is because we’re friends forever.

I hope you will love friendship messages.

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