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RadhaKrishn 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha Is Kidnapped

RadhaKrishn 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha draws Krishna’s pic exactly similar to Banke’s pic. Sam gets happy thinks now its easy to prove Radha insane. Citizens say Radha copied Banke’s pic. Radha says she drew it by himself and didn’t copy Banke. Sam asks Jamvati to announce her decision. Jamvati stands him dilemma. Sam says Radha forgot Krishna, so she couldn’t draw Krishna’s pic and hence copied Banke’s pic. Radha says she never forgot Krishna and drew it from her heart. Sam says Banke drew Krishna’s pic first. Banke says he loves Krishna more, hence could draw his pic first. Sam says it is proved that Radha lost her mental stability and should go to ashram. Banke says Radha lost her mental stability because of losing Krishna, this is called true love. Radha says she is sad with Krishna’s separation, nobody can understand her better than Krishna, so she will go to ashram to find her love back.

Shukracharya calls asur Dantavakra and orders him to take revenge from Krishna who killed his friend Sishupal and Shailya by trick. Dantavakra asks him to order him to kill Krishna. Shukracharya says Radha is Krishna’s life and he should kidnap her by waiting for her outside Dwarka. Dantavakra agrees and disappears.

Radha thanks Banke for making her understand that she is insane in Krishna’s separation and cannot think anything than Krishna. He says she will find Krishna back with her love. she says she doesn’t want to leave Krishna’s land. He says he will visit her whenever she remembers him and gives his ring. She asks how is it possible. He says they are related by love. She asks what does he mean. He says he is a businessman and loves his stuff/ring. Radha asks to apologize Tulsi on her behalf as she hurt her by telling her truth. Banke says telling truth is always necessary, she need not worry as he will get Tulsi back on track. She asks how will he when he doesn’t know what happened with Tulsi. He asks not to worry as he will search her lost idol and every task which she is leaving incomplete. She gets hypnotized looking into his eyes. He snaps his finger and says she is engrasped into his eyes again. Sam takes Radha along.

In the way, Sam stops chariot in jungle and says its wheel broke, so she should reach ashram with soldiers while he repairs chariot and returns to Dwarka. He orders soldiers to guard Radha and thinks neither Radha nor Krishna will return to Dwarka. Radha sees soldiers dying and thinks who killed them. Dantavakra emerges laughing. Radha asks who is he. He says he is Krishna’s enemy and came to take his life, heard she is Krishna’s life and holds her hand. She warns him to leave her or else she will burn him alive. He says she is powerless without Krishna’s presence.

Balram rushes to Krishna and informs him to save Radha from Dantavakra. Krishna asks him to relax and wait even if he has to bear pain. Balram warns if Krishna doesn’t save Radha, he will kill Dantavakra, then Krishna shouldn’t blame him. Krishna says Balram should wait for the right time as only he will kill Dantavakra, for the time being Balram should go to Radha while goes to Tulsi to show her truth.

Tulsi continues meditating and requesting Mahadev to emerge in front of her and reveal truth. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev to accept Tulsi’s request at least now. Mahadev emerges in front of Tulsi and says her wish is fulfilled now. Banke walks to Tulsi. Tulsi asks who is he. Mahadev says he is Krishna form who has emerged out of love and will reveal truth to Tulsi. He disappears. Tulsi ask Banke what he wants to say. Banke reminds her of her earlier like where she was Vrinda living in Golok and loving Krishna immensely, but getting jealous seeing Radha’s immense love and closeness to Krishna; she insisted to marry Krishna, but Krishna denied; she was reborn as Tulsi and his disciple Sridhama was reborn as Shankchurn who has his element; they were married and Tulsi loved him immensely. He describes rest of events where Shankchurn was killed by Mahadev and Tulsi in anger cursed Krishna to become stone without realizing that Shankchurn’s end was necessary for the universe; now its up to Tulsi whether to accept this truth or not. Tulsi closes her eyes and gets flashback of all her lives and says its true, but why Krishna being Narayan didn’t reject her curse. He says he had to repent for what he did with her. She says Shankchurn died because of her; if she had stopped Shankchurn, he wouldn’t have died and she wouldn’t have cursed Krishna and let Radha in so much pain. She asks where is Radha. He says Radha is kidnapped by asur Dantavakra. She asks why don’t he go and save Radha. He says he can save Radha only if he returns to Krishna’s form.

Precap: Tulsi relieves Krishna from her curse. Krishna returns to his original form. Dantavakra orders Radha that she will be his slave as Krishna will never come to save her. Radha says when she is in trouble, Krishna will come for sure.

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