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RadhaKrishn 13th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Gives A Task to Hanuman

RadhaKrishn 13th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha requests Hanuman to spare Balram Dau. Hanuman spares Balram and says how can he trouble him when he has Ram in his name and apologizes him. He says he will go now but will return again and wants to request Radha to take back her words and seek forgiveness from Prabhu Ram as his prabu is very courteous. Radha asks Balram if he is fine. Balram says he is and is looking tired due to lack of sleep. Radha says Hanuman is very powerful. Balram says not that powerful to challenge her words, she need not worry.

Hanuman enters Shiv temple and sees Krishna already praying there. He thinks if there is only person in Dwarka who is praying early morning, he needs to meet him. He greets Jai Sri Ram. Krishna walks to him. Hanuman realizes he is the same person who helped him, so he wanted to thank him. Krishna asks for what. Hanuman says to give him location of la.. Krishna says forget it. Hanuman says he felt really good meeting him. Krishna says he felt as if he met his dear one after years. Hanuman says he speak so nice, he wants to know why only he is praying early morning. Krishna says whether they pray god in temple or remember him in their minds, they get same reward/punya. Hanuman says looks like he is Mahadev’s biggest devotee, so he is praying early morning. Krishna says he is a devotee, but came here to meet his devotee. Hanuman says looks like everyone is a devotee in Dwarka; whose Aradhya he is. Krishna says he cannot reveal it. Hanuman says usually devotees wait for aradhya, but he is waiting for his devotee. Krishna says when devotee is so great, he is eager to meet him. Hanuman says nobody spoke to him so nicely till now in Dwarka, what is his name. Krishna says he is known by his devotees’ names. Hanuman says he is puzzling him again. Krishna asks what is his name. Hanuman says he is known by his prabhu Sri Ram’s name. Krishana says the universe should know them by their devotion. Hanuman asks if he doesn’t mind, can he say something; there is lack of devotion in dwaparyug as he sees devotees are more worried about their fame than devotion. Krishna says looks like he saw other yugs and devotion. Hanuman says he saw tretayug’s devotion in Sri Ram’s pious place Ayodhya, he cannot describe how the level of devotion then. Krishna says he should teach devotion in Dwarka. Hanuman says devotion is like Ishwar’s prasad and whoever wants to will get it; he is here to complete a task after which his Prabhu Sri Ram will visit him, so he wants to complete it first. Krishna says if he doesn’t complete this task, he cannot complete his other task and will keep waiting for Sri Ram. Hanuman says he thought he is his friend, but he is frightening him, he will not perform his task and will go from there. Krishna thinks his devotee is unique and should teach devotion to Dwarka.

Sam meets Hanuman and introduces himself as Sri Krishna’s son. Hanuman asks if he is son of a person who is prayed by Radha and whole Dwarka. Sam says he doesn’t pray Krishna though and feels Krishna doesn’t deserve Radha or anyone’s devotion. Hanuman says he should support his father instead. Sam says he wants to pray him and become powerful like him. Hanuman says he should pray Sri Ram and chant Jai Sri Ram then. Sam chants Jai Sri Ram. Hanuman says Jai Sri Ram is so powerful that one gets immense powers with its chanting, but he doubts Sam will get it as a person who insults his father and hopes to pray a stranger cannot never gain those powers. Sam says his father is unfit for devotion, so how can he then. Hanuman says he imagines his father in Sri Ram and hence loves him like a father; a person who doesn’t respect his father, gods won’t accept his devotion. Sam says as he wishes, but he has to help him. Hanuman reminiscing Krishna’s words and thinks he needs to teach devotion to Radha and whole Dwarka. He asks Sam to gather all Dwarka citizens at a place where he will prove that Radhika’s challenge to be universe’s biggest devotee is wrong. Sam leaves happily. Hanuman thinks he will correct Sam as per Krishna’s order and looks like Sri Ram wants him to complete Krishna’s task, so he called him here; he should meet Krishna once. Krishna thinks they will meet for centuries.

Sam gathers citizens and informs Laxmana that he wants to make some big announcement and found a person who opposes Radha and Krishna and will ruin Radha’s dignity. He addresses Dwarka citizens that he wants them to meet the most devoted person and prove that Radha’s devotion is not superior. Citizens say it is Radha’s insult. Sam says he knew they wouldn’t like it, but if a person wants to challenge Radha, shouldn’t they allow him to prove his words. Citizens say they should, but doubt anyone can win over Radha. Sam says he agrees, but they should give one chance to the challenge and they all should gather again in the evening. Citizens walk away saying let us see.

Balram fumes hearing about Hanuman’s challenge. Radha says she didn’t find Hanuman arrogant. Balram says Hanuman wouldn’t have challenged without consulting them. Radha says they should question Krishna first. Balram says he will confront Hanuman first. Krishna enters and says he really should. Balram complains that his special guest behaves as if Dwarka belongs to him and they should question him. Balram asks if he is on their or his guest’s side. Krishna says he just wants to remind him about Hanuman’s superpowers. Balram asks why he praises Hanuman always. Radha says Krishna should accompany them. Krishna says they both are enough. Radha says they will speak to Hanuman peacefully first. Balram says if Hanuman misbehaves, he will punish him. Radha leaves with him. Krishna prays Narayan to protect Balram. Laxmana asks Sam if Hanuman is same powerful vanar. Sam says the task which they couldn’t finish, Hanuman will finish it.

Precap: Radha asks Hanuman to prove that he is the universe’s biggest devotee. Hanuman challenges that all Dwarka citizens will chant Jai Sri Ram once. Radha challenges that citizens and Hanuman will chant Jai Sri Krishna. Krishna thinks he will enjoy battle of devotion.

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