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The Twisted game of Destiny- Found Something? ep.25 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Found something?

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Just then the windows flew open and the two unknown shadows appeared while they in reflex threw the water and soapy water on them. They sprayed perfume in their eyes and threw the books at them, hitting them while they winced in pain and tried balancing on the rail, preventing themselves to fall. The had done all this in a nick of a time, not even bothering to look who they were till they shouted to stop.

Unknown men: Stop it!! Ahh!!

Rivan: You both!! (shocked)

Riva: Why are you here? And that too like this? (shocked)

They were dressed in an black hoodies, and black track pants.

Unknown man1: Can you stop your interrogation here and pull us in. (murmuring softly) questioning every time, like father like children.  (rubbing his eyes)Ahh!!

Unknown man2: Exactly pull us inside at least or do you want us to fall from here and die. (rubbing his eyes)

Riva: I don’t think you would really die if you fall at this height…maybe a few fractures but nothing more than that for sure. So don’t worry! (casually)

Unknown man1: Are you a doctor? (she shook her head) Then…how do you know that we won’t die….(thinking) Actually you’re right, Kabir how silly of you!

(You all were right, they were Kabir and Aryan)

Kabir: But Bhai you know how delicate, and handsome I am, if I fall I will get bruises all over and I will become ugly. That is the same as dying!

Aryan: Kabir! (giving an “are you serious”look)  Ahh, give me water!! My eyes are burning because of your perfume!


Rivan: Oh yes, sorry, Riva help them get in the room while I get the water.

Riva: (went towards them, skipping the water on the floor) Come in (holding both their hands)

Aryan: thanks! Ahhh!!!

Kabir: Ahhh!!

They both slipped and fell on the floor due to the water. Riva started laughing out loud and tried to control herself from laughing but she couldn’t while Rivan who came with the water laughed too. He quickly ran to Aryan and Kabir and tried picking them up.

Riva: Oh god!! (laughing)

Aryan: Instead of laughing you can help instead! (rubbing his eyes)First of all bring the water.

Rivan: Oh yes it’s here (he poured the water on both of them)

Riva: What did you do!

Rivan: He was the one who asked for it so what else should I do.

Kabir: We asked for water so we can splash in our eyes and not on ourselves! You had already done that part from before.

Rivan: Here then have, I’ve got more left. (pouring water in their hands and they washed their eyes)Is it still burning? (concern)

Aryan: It’s getting fine now. Help me get up now

They both helped them get up and took them near the bed. They cleared all the soap from their clothes while they were fully drenched.

Riva: I’m sorry but we did it in a reflex action to save ourselves! We got whatever we had in this room for defense.

Kabir: Thank God you weren’t in the kitchen otherwise you would have directly attacked with chilli powder!

Rivan: But why did you come here? That too right now, at this time and from the window? Not even the main door. (curious)

Aryan: Umm the …matter is.. (stammering and he looked at Kabir )


In the hospital

Aryan: Exactly that’s why we need to be sure. We need to find different opportunities so that we can find the truth easily.

Kabir: Yea bhai but how?

Aryan: We need to enter their rooms and search for their items.

Kabir: Okay but do you really think that Vansh will allow us to enter?

Aryan: Kabir, we’ll definitely not go through the front door but their window!

Kabir: Bhai you must be joking, window? Are we going to climb the window? No way (denying)

Aryan: You want to know about Riddhu??

Kabir: Yes

Aryan: Then….You better!

Flashback ends

Riva: Why are you stammering, answer us.

Aryan: To check on you, if you were doing fine!

Rivan: (raising his eyebrows in suspicion) Are you guys feeling well? You came to check on us through the window? How weird

Kabir: Forget that but now let’s do the work we’re here for. (looking around the room to find something)

Riva: Which is?

Aryan: He means to say that we can finish asking you how you are doing. So how are you both doing?

Twins: We’re fine!

Kabir: Can you both get us a towel? So we can dry our heads

They nodded and left to the washroom. Riva thought of getting bathrobes along so that they can dry their clothes here as well. While on the other hand Kabir and Aryan started their search. They went around the room, checking on the dressing table, under the bed and inside the vase. They quickly checked the drawers near the bed and they found something. A paper that was folded and neatly kept.

Aryan took it with him and….


Vansh: You both here?

A plan to defeat him

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Question: So who do you think Vansh says that to? Who are they planning to defeat?

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