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Episode begins with… 

Aryan points gun at riddhima. He was about to shoot at riddhima. Just then, vansh comes there. He sees aryan pointing gun at riddhima. Vansh comes running and hits on aryan’s hands. He drops the gun. Vansh comes and fights with aryan. Aryan hits vansh. Vansh inturn hits Aryan. They both fight while, riddhima cries seeing vansh’s injuries. Meanwhile, angre and others sees them fighting. Aryan continuously hits vansh. Vansh falls on the floor. Aryan looks at the gun and was about to take it. But, vansh again stops him and takes the gun and throws it away. 

ARYAN: Vansh… 

Just then, angre shouts.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, it’s 12.00..

VANSH: Aadviiikkkk.. . . 

ARYAN: He is.. 

VANSH: Yes, Aryan.. My friend. Your game is over now..

Just then, aadhvik comes there and arrests Aryan. 

ARYAN: Vansh, what’s all this.. 

VANSH: Aryan, the time for your challenge is over now. I have already informed aadhvik about this place. I asked him to come by 12.00. I could have asked him to come before and arrest you. But, I don’t want to cheat and win in this challenge. As per my challenge, I saved riddhima. Aryan, you tried but you couldn’t. This is your biggest defeat in your life. Because, hereafter you’ll spend your whole life in jail.

ARYAN: Vansh, I won’t leave you. I’ll kill riddhima..

Vansh slaps Aryan. 

VANSH: How many times will I tell you the same thing? You can’t even touch her until I’m here. Don’t even think about it. 

Aadhvik takes Aryan from there… 

ANGRE: Vansh, now everything got overed. First you come to the hospital.. But, before that tell the password to open this door.. 

VANSH: Aryan..

ANGRE: What!!

VANSH: Angre, I thought that even Aryan reaches the place, he shouldn’t be able to find the password. I was sure that he’ll never think about his name as a password. So, that’s it..

Angre enters the password and opens the door. Riddhima comes out… 

VANSH: Happy birthday, riddhima.. 

Angre and others too wish her… 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, where is sejal? 

Angre tells her about sejal being admitted in the hospital.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh.. 

Just then, Aryan comes there. Aadhvik and the other cops comes running chasing him. Aryan blackmails everyone using the gun. Vansh and others get shocked seeing him with the gun. 

ARYAN: Vansh, I don’t want to live a life like a looser. But, at the same time I don’t want to die as a looser. You might have won this challenge by saving riddhima. But, I won’t allow you to live a happy life. My defeat will now ruin your life and all your happiness.

Saying so, Aryan shoots at vansh and riddhima comes in front of him. But, vansh pushes her and the bullet hits his chest. Aryan smiles at vansh and shoots himself too.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, I’ll start the car. We have to immediately admit him in the hospital.. 

Saying so, she goes. Kabir and Aryan lifts vansh and brings him to the car. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, you move.. I’ll drive the car.. 

Meanwhile others follow them in the other car. 

Angre brings vansh to the same hospital where sejal was admitted. 

ANGRE: Doctor, emergency..

Doctor takes vansh to the ICU.. 

Riddhima and others wait outside the ICU.. 

Meanwhile another doctor who treated sejal comes there.. 

ANGRE: Doctor, how is sejal? Is she alright? 

DOCTOR: Angre, where have you been till now? I have been trying to contact you since evening..

ANGRE: Sorry Doctor.. Is everything okay?

DOCTOR: Angre, after you left suddenly her pulse started decreasing. Now she is in the critical state. Her body is not responding to any of our treatment. We are trying our best. But, I won’t give you any hope. Because, the chances for her survival is less.

Saying so, the doctor goes. Angre and others gets worried. Meanwhile, Kabir is totally shocked to hear this. He immediately goes to see sejal. He sees sejal from outside. Seeing her he cries.. 

KABIR: Not even one day I have seen you like this. Today, what happened to you. Please, come back.. 

He wipes his tears and comes to angre. Just then, doctor comes out from the ICU.. 

RIDDHIMA: Doctor, Is he fine? 

DOCTOR: Sorry riddhima. The bullet piece is near his heart. The injury is so deep. We are planning for an immediate operation. He is in critical state. First we have to take the bullet out. Only then, we’ll be able to tell anything. He even has many injuries in his legs and hands. His pulse is not stable. We can’t give you any assurance. Let’s hope for the best.

Saying so, the doctor goes.. 

Riddhima, sia and ishani cries. Angre tries to console everyone. Meanwhile, Kabir who was hearing all this gets angry.. 

KABIR: Riddhima, cry as much as you can.. Today, because of you two lives are in danger. It’s all because of you. 


KABIR: Don’t tell that you don’t know anything.. It’s all because of you. Because of you vansh challenged Aryan. To save you.. To bring you back to normal. To make you happy. To help you to lead a normal and happy life. But, today he is fighting for his life.

SIA: Kabir, what are you talking?

ISHANI: Stop it Kabir..

KABIR: No.. I have to speak today. Today because of her two lives are in danger. Because of her, we all are suffering.

ANGRE: Kabir, have you gone mad?

KABIR: No. Angre, just tell me one thing. Don’t you know that vansh have not even not slept properly in these ten days. He came back from London just for her. Today, just see his state.. And sejal.. She supported riddhima in all her problems. She considered her as her sister. Today, because of her she is like this. Have you all seen sejal like this before? Answer me..

ISHANI: Kabir, it was not riddhima’s mistake.. It’s all because of Aryan..

KABIR: Why Aryan did all this? To take revenge from riddhima.

RIDDHIMA: Kabir, I don’t know that this will happen. What did I do? Even I love sejal.. I too considered as her friend.. And vansh, I love him..

KABIR: Don’t tell this.. Today, because of you your love is fighting between death and life. And because of you my love is also fighting for her life. What will I do? My love is there..

Saying so, he cries.. 

KABIR: Riddhima, if something happens to her, then I won’t ever forgive you. Because of you none is happy here. Today, all of us suffered because of you. I don’t want to even see your face. None of us is happy because of you.

Riddhima cries and runs from there.. 

Ishani and sia follows her. Meanwhile, angre consoles a broken Kabir… 

Meanwhile, ishani and sia tries to console riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: Please, don’t follow me. I want to be alone for sometime.. 

ISHANI: Riddhima, don’t worry. Nothing has happened because of you. Kabir has spoken all that in anger. He didn’t mean it..

SIA: Riddhima, please you don’t cry.. Please..

RIDDHIMA: I asked you both to leave. I don’t want any of you to be around me. Please.. Don’t worry.. I won’t die. Leave me alone for sometime.

Saying so, she goes.. 

PRECAP: It was my mistake. I myself will make it right. Take this. This is good for your life.. 

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