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Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….)….. Ch-45

Ha ha

Triple update ke baad post kr rhi hu aaj only I know 😂😂😂how.

Because I was seriously not in mood to post double Or triple update yesterday…. But then realized that i must… At least once I should feel actually how it feels after giving 2-3 updates😂😂😂😂. …

“”Ab dekho apun ich bhagwaan h😂😂”””.



And pragya, gauri, radhika di, cuttu… Hilarious guys😂😂😂😂.

You were all addressing me as suspense queen, bhagwaan ji ki jai😂😂

.. I was laughing seeing your comments. My younger sister said “Didi kya hua dimag thik h n😂😂😂😂”.

And aayu please continue with your homeworks dear complete them and be back with your stories!.

You can take your words back!.


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See I am trying my best to mention all my lovely readers, u won’t believe I have written your names 😂😂😂. In a copy to remember… If forgot sorry… Niche btana I will surely mention in next!.

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Abhay virus or virtual bro😂😂😂😂😂

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Jo bcha sry again!!!!!! .


I have started this ff on wattpad too

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Ho gya, ho gya.

Bhaut likh diya maine…. Ab real cheez pe aate h episode 😂😂😂😂😂:-

And yes we all writers will continue entertaining you all!.

Phir shuru ho gyi thi mai😂😂😂.



Phir se:——–.

Let’s start final wala😂😂😂😂😂.





Riddhima embarrassly went out of the room to the garden of the hospital. Leaving others gazing her back.

After ridhima went to garden Kabir and angre asked others to go back to mansions and take rest, so all left!.

Only Kabir, angre, vansh were in the hospital room thinking ideally and ridhima in garden!.


Ridhima pov,

I don’t know but seeing him in pain danger my heart aches. I know I still love him. I still have a soft corner for him but I can’t express myself because what happened 4 years back has broken me I dont trust people easily now.

But my hear

But my heart is asking me to trust him again, but I am not gonna to forgive him easily, but Can’t even stress him🙂🙃.

Pov end.



Meanwhile at the room!.

Vansh’s pov,

I know she still loves me , cares for me but her heart isn’t allowing her to trust me again I know my behaviour four years back has broken her but she should give me one chance I can’t even stand up and go to pacify her don’t know what she would be thinking but it is going to difficult to pacify her.

Pov ends.


Kabir , pov,

I don’t know what I saw ,I can’t believe the girl whom I played with taught her walking ,listen to her first words . Wastoday now going to slit her wrist. I can’t believe but I want them to Reconcile because somewhere I know they love each other maybe their love will win against all odds!

Pov ends


Angre’s pov.

I know boss is stressed because of bhabhi Or Ridhima…Nah…Nah …bhabhi because now everything is sorted but I know Babhi will not forgive him easily .I am feeling pity for them they can’t even talk. bhabhi’s suffering and hatred and broken heart is coming in front of her and we can’t even go and pacify her.I wish some miracle happens and they reconcile.

Pov ends.

All of the suddenly trio speaks:.

Mission melting her anger! What say?


Vansh:- what! You start!

Angre:- areee! You start n.

Kabir :- no vansh! You say!.

Vansh:- Aree… We spoke at once so any one can speak you speak Kabir!.

Kabir:- angre you say your idea!

Angre :- you.

Kabir:- you

Angre:- you.


Vansh :- stop it guys, i am telling!.

So only I will be pacifying her… And you both are only going to help me.


Kabir and angre:- done bro!.



That’s all for today’s guys!.

I know how much I Expressed today in the upper half so let me keep this author’s note at the end short one😂😂😂😂!




– will they be able to pacify her!?.

– aage kya hoga?.



Sochiye aur niche btayeye! 😂😂.



Silent readers place to comment it motivates us to write more, thank you!




Thank you!







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