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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 29th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Paro instigates Sakina and Shanti

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 29th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti scolding Mishra ji and asking him to iron his clothes, and tells that Mirza family will not know. Mishra ji irons his clothes secretly. Mirza calls him and asks what is happening? Mishra says he is planning to wash the clothes. Mirza asks if they iron the clothes before washing. He asks him to tell Shanti Bhabhi not to use mixer. Zoya looks at Mishra through binoculars and tells Mirza that they are still using iron and mixer. Mirza asks them to close it. Mishra runs inside the house and asks Shanti to stop the mixer. Zoya informs Mirza. Mirza laughs. Mirza asks Sakina not to use induction stove. Sakina says Mishra bhaijaan is not clever like you. Mirza says we will use electricity and Mishra will pay the half bill. Sakina asks him to warm the water with water heater and take bath. She says when we have this, we shall make use of it. She says how Mishra bhaijaan will know. Mirza comes out and switches on the heater. Mishra calls Mirza and asks what is going to happen? Mirza tells that he is planning to take bath with cold water as he can’t use heater. Mishra asks him to switch off the electric rod. Mirza looks here and there. Mishra asks Mirza to ask Sakina not to make food on induction and also tell her that he is more clever and intelligent than him. Mirza thinks if he has hole in the wall that he can see and hear everything. He asks Mishra not to doubt. Mishra asks him to ask Ammijaan to switch off heater. Inaam informs Mirza that Bapu ji is drying clothes on electric rod. Mirza asks Mishra to inform babu ji to dry clothes on ordinary rod.

Sakina applies make up with the fan on. Shanti signs her to switch it off. Sakina and Zoya break the bulb in Shanti’s house. Mishra cuts the wire at Mirza’s house. They keep eye on each other to cut down on the electricity usage. Shanti asks Sakina to switch off the lights as it is 10 pm. Sakina switches off lights. In the morning, they come face to face.

Pappu steals the tomatoes while diverting the seller’s attention. Bittu comes there. Pappu greets him. Bittu scolds him for stealing the tomatoes. Pappu says I did it for you. Bittu tells that my enemies will be hungry. Pappu keeps back the tomatoes, the seller looks at angrily. Pappu says he was testing him and asks him not to tell anyone. Bittu tells Pappu that he is worried, and says Mirza and Mishra are one and tells that they shall fight, to lose the haveli. Pappu says we can’t rule if we don’t divide them. The seller taunts Pappu. Bittu scolds Pappu.

Pappu comes to Mirza stall and orders tea. Mirza says everytime you come here and drink free tea. Pappu says he wants his betterment. Bittu comes to Mishra and tells that Mirza is fooling you and using electricity to the fullest. He asks Aashiq to take Mishra to a good doctor. Aashiq says yes, I also told the same. Mirza tells that he has his eyes on the electricity. Pappu tells that Paro told that Shanti bhabhi presses the clothes all day. Bittu tells Mishra that Sakina Bhabhi makes mangoes shake all day. Mishra asks how do you know? Pappu tells Mirza that Mishra told me that Mirza is foolish and told that he is using electricity to the fullest. Bittu and Pappu provoke Mishra and Mirza against each other. Mishra tells Bittu that he don’t trust him. Mirza also tells the same. Pappu asks him to trust him. Bittu tells that he thought of his betterment and asks him to die. Pappu tells Bittu that Mirza haven’t come in his talks. Bittu says even Mishra, but those who try, never fails. He says our talks got in their minds. Paro asks Shanti to warm the water to wash the utensils. Shanti asks her to warm the utensils on the gas. Paro tells that Sakina uses heater to warm the water. Shanti is shocked. Paro tells Sakina that Shanti is wasting electricity. She provokes Shanti and Sakina against each other. She asks them not to take her name infront of other and gets money from them. Shanti and Sakina give them money. Shanti says let him come, I will ask him to end their matter. Sakina says let Mirza come, I will play their band else my name is not Sakina begum.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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