Top 60 Cute Names to Call your Boyfriend / Cute Names For Boyfriend

Cute Names to Call your Boyfriend / Cute Names For Boyfriend

Cute Names to Call your Boyfriend / Cute Names For Boyfriend : When anyone is in love they do all things which they justify that they do in love. We call our love with special names or nicknames. I have collected some cute names to call your boyfriend, whatsapp name for boyfriend, romantic names for husband.

Many cute couples call each other with cute names, though they try to find out some new and unique names. You also call each other with cute names randomly. Some may stick to one special cute name. These cute names to call your boyfriend will make them more closer to you.

Here is the small list of cute names to call your boyfriend… do select which suits you and your boyfriend.

Cute names to call your boyfriend

  • Adorable – if your boyfriend is adorable then call him adorable baby.
  • Angel- If your boyfriend is very helpful and sweet then call him Angel.
  • Amore Mio – If you want to call your boyfriend in some other country language then go for Amore Mio
  • Baby Doll – For cute guy
  • Babe – many girl friends call their boyfriends with a classy name
  • Baby – For boy with cute looks
  • Baby Cakes – For boys whose favorite dish is cake.
  • Batty Boo – For t hose who loves to talk bady talk.
  • Bad Boy –those who are rebel
  • Beautiful – Those who beautiful. Tell it like it is!
  • Bear – For powerful and big guy.
  • Big Guy – For big, cuddly guy
  • Beloved – For meaningful and sweet guy
  • Boo –Goodie though oldie.
  • Binky – For Simply cute, but perfect if that’s what you’re after.
  • Bugbug –cutest name!
  • Book worm- For those who loves to read all the time.
  • Buzz – If your boyfriend don’t like cutesy names then go for this.
  • Bun – If you love short and sweet name then this is perfect.
  • Casanova – for romantic and sexy boy
  • Captain – For specially those who works as sailor.
  • Charming – if you fall in love with him due to his charm then go for this name.
  • Cherub – For a romantic, sweet and cute boy.
  • Chief – For those who loves to lead and take charge in every thing.
  • Cookie – For sweet and cute boys.
  • Cowboy – for the boy who is rugged and wild.
  • Cuddles – If you treat him like little cuddler.
  • Cuppycakers – For sweet cupcake-loving boy.
  • Cutie Pie – For cute and adorable boyfriends.
  • Daredevil – for adventurous and daring boy.
  • Darling – Just from the heart
  • Dear Heart –if your boy friend love you more then others.
  • Dearie – Cute name.
  • Eye Candy – if you boyfriend is so cute that you cant see anything else when he is in front of you.
  • Favorite – if he is the best guy for you.
  • Gumdrop – For those who are sweet to eat.
  • Fruit Loops – If he is fun, sweet but crazy.
  • Gum Shoe – if he want to be a detective .
  • Handsome – If he good looking.
  • Heart Throb – if your boys presense makes your sweet heart beating faster.
  • Hercules – if he is strong.
  • Hero – if he is brave and he ready to protect you anytime.
  • Honey Badger – If he is cute with dark side.
  • Honey Bee – if he is hardworking and industrious
  • Champ – If your boyfriend is champion.
  • Love – if your boyfriend is very dear to you.
  • Stud-muffin – If your boyfriend is smooth.
  • Sweetie-Pie – If your boyfriend is sweet just a pie.
  • Hot-stuff – If your boy friend is tempting.
  • Hot-Chocolate – if he is dark, tall and handsome.
  • Jock – if he is sports lover.
  • Kiddo – if he is charming.
  • Playboy – if your boyfriend is famous among ladies.
  • Sugar-Lips – if he has beautiful and kissable lips.
  • Super-star – if he is star for you.
  • Tiger – If your boyfriend is wild and violent
  • Pumpkin – If your boy friend is lovable and brilliant
  • Romeo – if he is romantic always.
  • Rock star – If he is musician.
  • Prince Charming – if he is your hero since childhood.

I hope this cute names to call your boyfriend list enough to select the best one .

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