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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao makes a plan.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Puranjan came to Ramji and Bhim Rao, Rami was surprised to see him. Puranjan considered him a friend just like Ramji does, he told him that he has cried and prayed all night for them to stay in Satara. Puranjan told him that they are not aware of the reason he went against them. Ramji inquired. Puranjan apologized, he was afraid and wanted to protect himself. Ramji questioned him. Puranjan told him that he tried to kill Gopal and his family, he went against Ramji because of the condition Gopal placed. Bala was listening to all this behind the bushes, he ran away. Ramji hugged Puranjan.

Meera looked herself in the mirror and cried as she never became a wife but is now a widow. She recalled the protest and the horrifying situation which compelled her to wear a white Sarree. Meera grabbed Bhim Rao’s notebook and rushed out.

Bala inquired Gopal for his controversy against Puranjan, they must have gone to the police rather than pressurizing Puranjan. The Guardian defied that in some situations one has to play against the odds. Bala told him that despite being against Bhim Rao, his brother has taught him the difference between right and wrong. Gopal inquired Bala for his concern, he asked Bala if he is willing to change side. Bala replied that Bhim Rao Is his brother and he will always be concerned for him. Bala has been worried the entire night for his family scattering but now Bhim Rao Is here and will fight.

Ramji questioned Puranjan for keeping his problem a secret, Puranjan was worried that Rami and Bhim Rao would have handed him over to the authorities. Ramji agreed but assured him to have stayed by his side. Bhim Rao told him that the entire family loves him and would have helped him in this difficult time. Ramji asked Puranjan to share his problems with them, it will lower his burden.
Meera came with Bhim’s notebook in her hand. She told Bhim Rao that as promised he must write in his book that every girl must be liberated to stand on her feet, earn and live on her own. She cried for the horrifying situation of the widowed women who are not accepted in the society and how facing rejection form their family and society are forced to beg. Meera said that If she were educated, she would be earning and leaving her own, her family would not have been pressurized to leave their home. Bhim Rao must write in her book that women should be given their right. Bhim Rao recalls the tragedies women bared in his village, he wiped his tears and took the book. Meera asked him to be entail his writing with all what women were given and what they were deprived of. Bhim Rao promised to do so.

Gopal and the father contemplated on how to defeat Bhim Rao, as he is neither ill intentioned nor weak. Bhim Rao is not conditioned to any situation, he is born headstrong. The Guardian said that defeating such people is impossible. Gopal intended to turn Bhim Rao mentally sick. The guardian questioned how?

Bhim Rai was unable to find a solution to the prevailing situation of the village. He thought of the past event. He awoke Anand and took him outside. Bhim Rao told him about a story in which loin took over his territory buy dressing as a bear. According to Bhim Rao, Gopal is that lion. He contemplated a plan to find Gopal’s reality.

Bala was strained for making afoul decision of supporting Gopal, he was confused that whether he betrayed his family for the right or wrong. Anand came, he asked Bala to feed Gopal this tea he has made. Bala was curious of Anand’s intentions. Anand’s asked him that is Gopal considered him an elder brother he must drink the tea; it will not make him a betrayer. Bala left with the tea. Bhim Rao came out.

Bala called Gopal. Gopal inquired. Bala told him that he has brought tea for him.

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