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FLAMES – Endless Drama ft Saahil

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Recap: Saahil Wedding!!!

Episode 5 – Endless Drama


Aahil wakes up the next morning. He looks at Sanam who comes out of the bathroom after a hair bath. He then fakes to sleep. She doesn’t see it and goes to him and admires him.

Sanam: Even now I can’t able to imagine that the great superstar Aahil is my husband. I’m so lucky. I had love and affection for you in my heart and dream. Now I’m able to show it to you in real. I love you my Jaan.

She then gets up and about to go. But Aahil holds her hand and pulls her towards him. The water droplets from her hair fall on his face.

Sanam: You were not sleeping?

Aahil: No, my dear biwi.

Sanam: Cheater.

Aahil: At least now I heard so loving words from my wife.

Sanam smiles and kisses his cheeks.

Aahil: What a miracle? You gave without asking.

Sanam pinches him.

Sanam: Ok leave me. Go and have a bath. We have some rituals now.

Aahil: We’ll go for it later.

Sanam: No, go now.

She pushes him and goes to get ready.

Aahil smiles.

After some time, Aahil and Sanam come down.

Aahil admires her beauty.

Dilshad makes them sit and gives shagun to both. Rashid, Tanveer, and Raiza also give them shagun.

Rehan: Bhai and Bhabi, here are the gifts from my side. This has to come yesterday itself but due to cyclone, it didn’t. So, sorry for the delay.

Sanam: Rehan, thank you so much for these gifts. It means a lot.

Aahil hugs Rehan. Then they sign the wedding register.

Then they come and have breakfast.

Tanveer: Aahil and Sanam, both feed each other.

Sanam feels shy.

Raiza: Arey Sanam, you are blushing. It’s a ritual. You need to feed him.

Sanam then feeds to Aahil and he too does the same. Rehan takes pictures of everything.

The days pass by, all are happy with their lives.

Aahil scores good runs and wins matches. Sanam is seen in the stands cheering for him. Her gallery is also getting widened by various branches. Finally, her identity is revealed to everyone and all applaud her for her work. She starts an art studio; a kind of art class named “AsYa Arts” and opens its branches all over India.

Dilshad and Rashid visit Aahil, Sanam, and Rehan during the weekends whenever they are in Mumbai. Other times, all get connected in video call!!!

The Happy Days go by!!!

After 6 months!!!

Tanveer comes to visit them.

Raiza, Tanveer, and Dilshad sit together and talk.

Aahil and Rehan are with Rashid and Sanam makes food for them.

Raiza: Tanveer, it’s been 6 months, still Sanam is not giving us good news.

Dilshad feels bad when she hears this.

Tanveer: Chachi, they are all these generation kids. They know a lot more than us. Let them decide when they want kids. We should not force them.

Raiza: I’m saying for your safety. We need to know that Sanam is fit and fertile. If they plan for babies later and they find out the issue then, it will be difficult for us to find another girl for our Aahil.

Dilshad gets angry.

Raiza: Dilshad, don’t see me like that. I’m just saying the reality.

Tanveer: Chachi, be quiet.

She then sees Aahil helping Sanam in the kitchen. He overdoes a lot.

Sanam: Aahil, don’t do like this. Your Chachi, dadi all are here. If they see you doing like this, then what will they think of me?

Raiza also sees this and murmurs in Tanveer’s ears.

Raiza: I thought that this girl is good. But she is making our son dance to her tunes.

Dilshad hears this too but doesn’t respond as she fears it might end in a wreaked relation. So, she keeps silent and decides to talk with Sanam.

They all have food!!!

After some time, Dilshad calls Rashid and Sanam to the room.

Sanam: Beeji, what happened?

Dilshad sits worried.

Rashid: Dilshad, is there any problem?

Dilshad: Sanam, you are the problem of your own life.

Sanam: Me, Beeji what are you telling? I couldn’t understand.

Dilshad: You know what Raiza and Tanveer speaking?

Sanam: What?

Dilshad: They were worried about Sanam’s fertility and also for not planning the baby.

Sanam: What??

Rashid gets angry.

Rashid: How could they speak like this?

Dilshad also tells them about remarriage plans and scolds Sanam for making Aahil dance to her tunes.

Sanam: Beeji, this is our personal. How can they comment?

Dilshad: That’s their house’s heir.

Sanam: Ok fine, but Aahil is a devoted son too.

Dilshad: That’s their insecurities.

Sanam: What to do now?

Rashid: I’m going to leave that lady.

Dilshad: Please be quiet. You don’t start again.

Sanam: What to do now?

Dilshad: Ask Aahil to be within some limits when they are here.

Sanam: I told; he is not listening.

Rehan comes and knocks on the door. He ask them to come down.

The three come down and sit with everyone. Aahil holds Sanam’s hands but she frees herself.

Tanveer and Raiza sees this. Dilshad notices them.

Raiza: It seems that Aahil can’t live without Sanam for a minute.

Aahil: Yes dadi, that’s true.

Raiza: Fine, with this same love, you can give us a baby too.

Aahil and Sanam feel bad. Tanveer also asks her not to speak.

Rashid: Enough of this. Sanam, come let’s leave.

Dilshad: Rashid….

Rashid: Enough of tolerating this Dilshad. Our girl needn’t be suffered more.

Aahil and Rehan are clueless.

Aahil: Dadaji, what happened?

Dilshad tells them about the happenings.

Aahil: Dadiji…

Raiza: Aahil, I didn’t say anything wrong.

Tanveer: Aahil, this is common and general. I don’t know why they are making so much fuss about it.

Rehan: But it’s the wrong Chachi.

Aahil: Ok, leave this.

Raiza: How to leave it. Why are they getting so much anger? Did Sanam has any problem?

Sanam cries!!!

Rashid, Dilshad fights with Raiza and Tanveer. Rehan and Aahil try to calm them.

While Sanam goes to her room and packs things. She comes to them.

She cries and shouts at them to stop. Everyone is shocked to see her with bags.

Sanam: I’m leaving now.

Aahil: Sanam, don’t go.

Sanam ignores him and goes with Rashid and Dilshad.

Aahil tries to stop her but ends in vain. Sanam doesn’t respond to any of his calls or messages.

They both feel the pain!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!

Episode 6: Sunshine for the fam will be updated on Thursday





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