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Pratigya 2 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratigya threatens Sajjan Singh

Pratigya 2 17th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Krishna tells the family that this is my house and I have decided that Pratigya will stay here, not only me but all family members have to take care of her. Sajjan says don’t forget I am still alive, this is my house first and I will decide who will stay here or not. Sumitra says this woman always bring problems, Krishna forgets everything. Krishna says what wrong has she done? Why should I throw her out? Sajjan says your wife didn’t want her to work with you but you want to keep her in this house? Meera says it’s fine, she should stay here, if he wants to help someone then I should be with my husband. Adarsh thinks why Meera changed suddenly? Krishna says if Meera doesn’t have a problem then Pratigya can stay here, he asks Pratigya to go to the room and he will find out who did this with her. Pratigya goes to her room, Krishna leaves. Sajjan says Meera has taken a wrong decision. Meera says if Pratigya stays here then we can keep an eye on her. If Pratigya works with Krishna then I wouldn’t know how close she is getting to Krishna, we have to keep an eye on Pratigya’s moves. Sumitra says I don’t understand this game, you did a big mistake by making her stay here. I can’t believe that she is back in this house.

The kids see Kesar locked in the storeroom. Garv brings food for her. Kesar hugs them and says you both are like your mother, she used to help everyone. Garv says no, we are not like her, she was a bad woman that’s why she left us. Kesar says no, a mother can never be bad for her kids. She loves you a lot, maybe she saw more pain than you both.

Pratigya is in her room. Sumitra and Sajjan come there. Sumitra says you are like a cat who keeps coming back. We try to kill you but you don’t die, you don’t even die with her our insults. Sajjan says she doesn’t have shame. We should have shot her instead of giving her poison, you came back here to die now. You might be saved one time but the attack can happen anytime. You came here with a plan but we will not let you finish your mission, we will never let Krishna have his memory back, we have closed your file and it won’t open again. Sumitra says Krishna is not home all the time so how will you be saved? An accident can happen anytime in this house and you might die anytime. Sumitra and Sajjan start leaving but Pratigya plays their recording in which they are threatening her. Pratigya says you thought only you can threaten me? She shows them the video and says if you try to kill me again then you might go to jail so let me complete my mission otherwise your life will change. Sajjan snatches her phone and says I can destroy this proof right now. Pratigya smirks and says I have already sent this video to someone trusted and you don’t know anything about that person. If something happens to me then this video will be sent to the police and Krishna. I won’t take revenge on you for trying to kill me but my mission is to bring back Krishna’s memories, just think when he knows what you both did with him, he will hate you so much.

Pratigya sees Garv and Kriti coming back from school. She rushes to them and cries. Garv glares at her recalling how she went away with Adarsh. Pratigya tries to go near them but they move back. Pratigya cries and says you won’t meet your mother? She asks Garv to talk to her. Garv says don’t touch me, we don’t want to talk to you. Pratigya says I know you are miffed with me but talk to your mama.. Garv pushes her away and says we don’t have a mama. Sumitra laughs and says see your fate. Pratigya says this all happened because of you. I will tell the truth to the kids. Adarsh comes there and says what will you tell the kids? They have seen so much pain because of you, they don’t want you to stay here. Pratigya says what are you saying? You know the truth. Adarsh says I am telling you to leave this house, these kids don’t want you anymore. Meera comes there and says Adarsh was your confident but even he is asking you to leave, nobody wants you here so why did you come back? Even your kids don’t remember you but you want to poison our lives. The kids go from there. Meera says see they didn’t even look at you, they don’t love you anymore as they don’t remember you. Pratigya says they don’t hate me, they have been blinded by hatred and lies. They were never told the truth, they don’t know what happened with their parents, when I tell them the truth then they will change. One more thing, it was not my decision to come back to this house, Krishna brought me here. Meera says I gave permission to Krishna otherwise Sajjan and Sumitra would have thrown you out in a second, you should be thankful to me. Pratigya says okay you made me stay here but we both know the truth is that I am the real wife of Krishna and daughter-in-law of this house. When the truth comes out then what will you tell the kids? That you snatched everything from their mother? Just think about it when you have time. Meera sees Krishna coming there so Meera asks Pratigya to go and rest in her room. Krishna says wait.. he brings Pratigya’s luggage and says you will stay here. Pratigya says why did you go there for me? You care too much for me sir. Krishna says it’s fine, just go and rest. He takes her luggage from there. Meera thinks Krishna will throw her out of the house soon.

PRECAP – Pratigya asks Krishna why does he worry about her so much? You get tensed for me, you thought something would happen to me? Krishna says I am sleepy, he starts to leave but Pratigya calls out Krishna.. he turns to look at her. Pratigya hugs him and says thank you Krishna. Meera sees them hugging and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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