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#Opposites Attract Each Other #19 First kiss

I don’t have any idea what I’ll be writing as I’m stressed as I’ve to submit my holiday homework today and the time is less..So, bear this pleaseee…

This episode may contain some delicious food items, so, control yourself..

Episode starts as..,

It was a bright morning as the sun just rose in the mansion..Riddhima woke up because of a knock on the door..The moment she opened the door, she saw Neil, Devyani, Veer, Bani, Rajat and Anushka standing there.

“Yes?” she offered them if they’d need some help. 

“We’re going on a trip so come to bid you bye” they replied. She gave them a tight smile and they were leaving..

“Enjoy di!!” Bani winked at her and she blushed..

After banging the door, she went to the washroom to get ready..She thought of wearing something different today in order to seduce her husband. She wore a red lacy nightie and went to Vansh. She sprinkled water on his face from her hair. He started moving his face, here and there. She sat near him and kept her hand on his face. He opened his eyes. 

“Am I day dreaming?” he said and rubbed his eyes to confirm if she was there or not? He touched her hands. 

“I am there, it’s not a dream” she smiled. 

He got up from the bed and made her sit on his lap. 

Vansh : What are your plans?

Riddhima : To seduce you..

She said, making him shocked..He thought,”Such a fierce lady, she is!” 

Riddhima : You take a bath, I’ll cook and then we’ll…

She had a teasing smile. 

Vansh : We’ll…

He gulped. 

Riddhima : Come soon!

She passed a wink at him..

At dining table : 

Riddhima : Ciao! Benvenuto a tavola (Hello! Welcome to the dining table) 

Vansh : Do you know Italian language?

Riddhima : Sì, dopotutto sono Riddhima (Yes, I’m Riddhima after all) 

Vansh : Good!

Riddhima : Mi farebbe piacere se parli in italiano (I’ll be happy if you’ll speak in Italian) 

Vansh : Perchè no! (Why not!) Nessuno in casa? (No one in the house?)

Riddhima : Torneranno entro domani (They will be back by tomorrow) 

Vansh : Ohh!!

She passed a glass of Aperitivo (An italian drink taken before a meal) towards him and said,”Bere” (Drink)

He gulped it down. She served him breakfast, the italian pasta and pizza.

He licked his lips and started eating. She sat on his lap to eat from the same plate which was quite surprising for him. They both ate from the same plate. After eating, she took the dishes away and brought  a glass..She poured Campari (An alcoholic wine) in the glass.

After putting two straws in it, she headed towards Vansh. 

Riddhima : Ecco a te amore mio (Here you are my love) 

Vansh : Cos’è questo? (What is this?)

Riddhima : Campari

She drinked from one straw while Vansh from another one. Soon, they both were intoxicated. Riddhima held his shirt and pulled him towards their room..He went near her and stroked her hair. She looked at him with affection. He kissed her forehead and pinned to the wall. She was still looking at him when he grabbed her waist. After pulling her close to his body,he looked into her eyes. He looked at her lips and bitted his lips. Then, he quickly held her face, which perfectly fitted in his..They both leaned to each other and captured their lips..They kissed for almost three minutes till they lacked air. Both started panting heavily. Riddhima tried to walk but Vansh blocked his way and as a result, both fell on the bed, Riddhima on top of Vansh. They shared an intense eye lock.

So when I lock eyes with You, I see my reflection

When I lock eyes with You, I feel Your affection

I love to get lost in You, ’cause You’re my obsession

When I lock eyes with You

And, all I want is You

And, all I need is You

And, all I see is You, just You


Their nose tips touched each other and they felt warmth being in each other’s embrace.

To be continued..

As I said, I really don’t know what I wrote..But still hope you liked their first kiss..What do you think it is in real or…..???

Anyways, see you’ guys soon..


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