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Qurbaan Hua 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel foils Shrikant’s plan of kidnapping Chahat



Qurbaan Hua 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Haldi function starts with women playing the drums and the children dancing, Chahat and the women are apply Mehndi on the hands of Alka and Naveli, Chahat smiles seeing them dance, the entire family is really happy to see them smiling, Shlok comes to ask Chahat to come with them when she insists she is applying the Mehndi but he insists so she is forced to dance with them, Shrikant sees Chahat dancing so starts recording her video, he gets really mad when Neel comes close to Chahat blocking his view, Neel asks why has she not applied Mehndi on her hands, Chahat asks him to let it be because he cannot even draw a straight line so how will he apply it, Neel takes her with him, she pushes Shrikant away.

Shrikant thinks that he will never let the Mehndi of this non-Muslim be on her hands, he asks Godambari to help her because he cannot see that the Indian women is doing all the work which he is not able to bear, Godamabri exclaims what can she do as she has the entire responsibility, she goes to Chahat asking her to check if her back is broken as she has severe pain, while Chahat is busy in having the Mehndi on her hands, Neel request Godamabri to not scold Chahat, Chahat assures she would take care of all the decorations asking Godambari to go and rest, she goes into the kitchen, Shrikant tries to follow her but Neel stopping him from behind asks him to apply the Mehndi to his wife, he acts as if he is searching for the cone, Neel hands him the one he had.
Shrikant in a state of anger goes to Alka, he start applying the Mehndi without even looking at her hands, he sees how Neel gives Chahat a flying kiss which she accepts before asking him to leave, Alka asks him what has he done, Shrikant is tensed when she shows what he has done, he replies he had a problem of poor handwriting since his childhood, they all laugh at him, he thinks Neel would not smile when he will take Chahat away from him.

Chahat is checking the workers asking what would he do if he applies all the lights in a single location, she is double checking the list, getting worried when the gas cylinder is not present, she asks why are they not working so even Tinku mian is barking at them, she instructs him to keep an eye on them, Shrikant thinks her smile is only meant for him, he would leave with her today and no one would even know.

Chahat asks the decorator to see what colours are on the outside and since he is holding yellow and white, they should take it inside, Chahat climbs the ladder when Neel questions why has she not eaten anything since the morning, she doesnot come down so he comes to her, he asks if she would the Jalebi while he has it in his mouth, Shrikant is not able to bear it so pushes the utensils which causes Neel and Chahat to fall down, they both fall on each other, Chahat getting up says he is just ready to misbehave while she has a lot of work, he is about to apply the Mehndi when he starts sneezing and she says he is allergic to Mehndi so should leave and practice the dance, Chahat once again climbs on the ladder to hand the curtains.

Shrikant is injecting the apple with a drug mentioning it was his favourite dug in collage as it causes a lot of dizziness, and the person falls unconscious. He asks the children to take the apple as Chahat has not eaten anything, Shlok comes asking Chahat to come down because she is hungry so must eat, Shlok asks her if she would eat if Dua gives her the food, Dua questions why is he pulling her into this, Shlok questions if she doesnot know that while she was young it was Chahat who would feed her, Chahat also agrees saying if Dua would feed her she will surely eat, she is about to make her eat the apple, Tinku mian is constantly barkiung at them, they wonder what has happened to him but when Dua doesnot stop he jumps at the plate causing all of the apples to fall, Shlok runs after him, Dua asks Chahat to eat the slice which she has in her hand, Chahat eats the apple with a smile, Dua leaves, Chahat once again climbs the ladder but feels dizzy and falls unconscious on the curtains, Shrikant covers her thinking how would he take her out of the house, he sees the car of Neel so plans to take her out in his car.

Shrikant rushes inside asking Neel for his car as he has an important work, Neel at first says he doesnot give anyone the keys to his car but then agree, Shrikant manages to put Chahat in the truk, exclaiming he is feeling really bad but had no other option since she did not see his love, he is about to get into the car, Naveli coming form behind asks him what is he doing as today is his Sangeet and he should only worry about the dance, he says he has some important work but she pulls him inside.

Naveli is showing the dance steps to everyone, Neel asks her to show it one more time since he did not understand it, Shrikant realizes that Chahat’s clothes are visible from the trunk of the car, Naveli asks him if he understood the steps, Shrikant shows it but Neel is still not able to understand saying she is a strict teacher and they would need a polite teacher like Chahat, he asks Shlok to bring her but he comes back saying she is not outside, Neel leaves saying that she will be in the kitchen. Shrikant thinks it would be really problematic if Neel sees the dupatta of Chahat, Shrikant manages to place the dupatta in the trunk, and sits in the car but is not able to leave since Tinku Mian is standing in front of the car.

Naveli comes out with Alka asking what is the reason Tinku Mian is barking in front of the car, Shrikant says that there is nothing to be worried about because the car is fine, Vyas je also comes, they all are really worried why is Tinku mian behaving so strange, he goes to the backside and starts barking at the trunk, Neel asks Shrikant to open the trunk, Neel opening it starts removing the clothes, he is shocked to see Chahat unconscious, Shrikant exclaims it is really strange asking why is she unconscious, Shrikant offers to help but Neel pushes him inside, taking Chahat into the room, Neel throws some water on Chahat, she wakes up, he asks who would have done such an heinous act, Naveli asks if they have not understood till now who would have done it since Aalekh jee would be behind this act, Shrikant is really happy that he was not suspected of any action.

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