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My world is in your love Chapter-32

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Riddhima was taken inside the operation theatre. Rohan was standing like a statue in front of the operation theatre. Vansh had a fear of losing Riddhima. He went near the Ganapathi Bappa idol placed in the hospital. Vansh began to talk with the Ganapathi bappa idol.

Vansh: Hey Ganaraya, Riddhima is your friend, right. She always believes you and always praises you. Just save her life. You have taken my parents in my childhood. Now don’t take away my Riddhima. She is my world, and I love her. Please save her life, Ganapathi bappa.

Vansh came near Rohan and touched his shoulder. Rohan hugged him tightly.

Vansh: Rohan, we will stop our plan.

Rohan: No, Vansh. We will continue with it. Nothing will happen to our Riddhima. If we stop the plan, the sacrifice made by you will be a waste.

Karthik, Kabir and Ahana came to the hospital. The doctor came out from the operation theatre.

Vansh: Doctor, how is Riddhima? Shall I see her?

Doctor: Vansh, we have given the best treatment for her. But, she is still in an unconscious state. She should wake up within the next 10 hours. Otherwise the situation may turn critical for her. She might go into coma. No one shouldn’t enter the ICU room. She will be under our observation.

Karthik: Vansh, it is all because of you. After, Riddhima wakes up, I will definitely put you in jail for torturing her.

Vansh: Karthik, first take care of your dad. For saving that crazy old man, my Riddhima was ready to sacrifice her life. If anything happens to her, I will burn you and your dad.

Karthik: Vansh, you…

Kabir: Karthik, will you stop your stupid assumption on Vansh. First, go and take care of your dad. Ahana, give some water to Vansh and Rohan.

Sunil was admitted in the same hospital on the ground floor. Aryan and Angre were searching for Mohit Sharma in Mumbai.


It was a dark night. A rich lady was holding a baby girl in her hand and running so fast. The blood was coming from the head. The little girl was four years old wearing a ‘V’ dollar chain and was crying loudly because of seeing the blood from that lady. The girl was wiping the blood with her tiny hand while other hand was holding the lady’s saree tightly in fear. The lady was giving a fake smile to the little girl, so in turn, the girl started to smile.

 The lady started to run to save her life and the child’s life. Suddenly, they were hit by a car. The lady and girl both fell on the road’s floor. The little girl became unconscious, and the lady gave a kiss on the girl’s forehead and became unconscious. Both of them went to an unconscious state. The person who came in the car rushed towards them and took both of them to the hospital.


A screaming sound was heard from the ICU room. Vansh and other people who were waiting outside the ICU room were shocked when they heard a sound from the ICU room. Vansh immediately entered the ICU room. Riddhima’s eyes were closed, but she was blabbering something.

Riddhima: No…Nothing should happen to us…. Somebody please save us…

Vansh caressed Riddhima’s face and asked her to call the doctor. Rohan was happy to see Riddhima in this state, finally he could hear his sweet sister’s voice. Everyone in the family are happy to know that Riddhima is away from the danger.

Vansh: Riddhima, nothing will happen to you. Your sunil uncle is safe now. Open your eyes.

Riddhima slowly opened her eyes. She noticed Vansh and Rohan standing near her. Riddhima was looking with fear. She quickly gave a side hug to Vansh. Vansh hugged her back. Vansh slowly place a forehead kiss on Riddhima’s head. Angre came with the doctor. The doctor asked everyone to leave the ICU room for checking Riddhima. Vansh was about to leave the room, but Riddhima held Vansh’s hand. The doctor asked Vansh to stay in the room. The doctor was checking Riddhima’s condition.

Doctor: Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, your wife is perfectly alright. She needs some rest for a week. I have been giving some medicine for two weeks. Ask her to take it regularly. Vansh, let her take rest. You can meet her at visiting time.

Riddhima: Vansh, I want to meet Anu immediately.

Vansh nodded his head and left the room. Anu (Riddhima’s PA) came inside to see Riddhima.

Anu: Riddhima di, how are you now?

Riddhima: Anu, I am fine, but I am a little confused. I had a dream when I was a 4-year-old kid. I saw a lady holding me in her arms. Her motive was just to save me. Finally, we met with an accident.

Anu: Riddhima di, your dreams are weird. Do you know that lady?

Riddhima: Yes, her name is Uma Raisinghania, Vansh’s mother. I don’t know whether it is a dream or my childhood memory.

Anu: Have you met her before?

Riddhima: No, she is dead. But, I came to know about her from Dadi. When I saw her in the photo, my heart was feeling so light and happy. Her smile was so attractive.

Anu: Okay, did you tell Vansh about it?

Riddhima: No, not yet. I don’t want to make him tensed. Anu, I forgot to tell you that I proposed to Vansh.

Anu: What? You are impossible! Did you get the reply?

Riddhima: No, I just wanted to ask him again about it.

Anu: Riddhima di, but you told me that you hated him.

Riddhima: Anu, I will tell you the reason why I proposed to him. But, first, tell me my phone is with you, right.

Anu: Yes, di. It is with me.

Riddhima: Look at the wall paper of my phone. It is nice, right.

Anu: Who is this cute baby? This baby is looking so handsome.

Riddhima(jealous): Enough of admiring my husband, it is Vansh’s childhood picture. Look at the picture carefully. In his neck, he is wearing the ‘V’ dollar chain. It is the same chain I am wearing on my neck now. Anu, I was on cloud nine after seeing his childhood picture. I was sitting near him in every photo. In a photo, I was sitting in his lap. He was feeding me while I was trying to feed him with my tiny hands.

Anu: So, I think this was the reason for Vansh forcefully marrying you. Then Riddhima, he is also interested in you.

Riddhima: I think so, but I will ask him today. Definitely, I need a reply from him.

It was the evening. Sia, Ahana and Kabir were talking with Riddhima. Vansh entered the ICU room. Everyone left the room to give some privacy to the couple.

Riddhima (with a puppy face): Vansh, I am sorry. You warned me not to leave the mansion. I disobeyed you.

Vansh: Riddhima, just take rest.

Riddhima: Vansh, are you angry with me?

Vansh: Yes, Riddhima. What is the need for saving that crazy old man? Did you think about yourself before giving your life?

Riddhima: Vansh, why do I want to think about myself? First, my London dreams were shattered by you. Second, my own brother hates me thinking that I killed my parents in that accident. Third, you married me just for benefits. Yes, you gave me pain, but at the same time you are the reason for my happiness. I got your entire family love. Not only them, but also the way you are being so gentle with me. Till now you have not hurt me physically or forced me into this relationship. At the time when I was about to give my life for my sunil uncle, I was just thinking about you. I proposed to you, right. I need your reply.

Vansh: Riddhima, I have already told you. I married you just for…

Riddhima: for benefits. I knew it, but I want to know what feelings you have for me?

Vansh: Riddhima, I don’t believe in marriage or any other relationship. I am not interested in this stuff. This is just six months of a contract marriage. Two months are going to get over. Just don’t develop any feeling towards me.

Riddhima’s eyes were filled with tears. A knock sound was coming from the door. It was Rohan, Karthik and Sunil uncle. Karthik entered the room with a smirk towards Vansh. Riddhima wiped her tears.

Karthik: Riddhima, how are you? Is Vansh torturing you? Who tried to kill you?

Riddhima: Karthik, first, tell me if you come to see me as a friend or an assistant commissioner. I just want to know about it. If you have come here as a police officer, then I will tell you the truth. Mohit Sharma and a Joker mask man tried to kill me. Vansh is not torturing me.

Rohan: Karthik, my sister is the one torturing Vansh.

Sunil: Rohan, then you know the truth that Riddhima is your sister.

Rohan: Yes, didn’t Karthik tell you? He was secretly listening to our conversation in Vansh’s study room.

Karthik: Sorry, Dad, Riddhima made a promise, so I couldn’t be able to tell you.

Sunil gave an angry look towards Karthik while Vansh and Rohan were looking at each other.

Riddhima: Sunil Uncle, how are you now? I had a fear that you had got major injuries. But the injuries are minor. Thank God, you are safe now.

Sunil (patting her head): Riddhima, I am fine. Now rohan as known the truth will you please come with me. I don’t have any believe in that Vansh raisinghania. He is a mafia don, riddhima. Just come with me.

Vansh: Mr. Sunil, are you Riddhima’s guardian to take a decision in her life?

Sunil: No, but I will take the necessary step to be Riddhima’s legal guardian.

Rohan: Uncle, you are late. Now, I am Riddhima’s legal guardian. I will take any decision in her life. Vansh is Riddhima’s husband. Before us, Vansh has all the rights on Riddhima. Now, I think you and Karthik need to leave the ICU room. As my beloved sister needs some rest.

Riddhima eyes were filled with anger. Vansh gave a smirk to Karthik. Sunil and Karthik left the room in anger.

Riddhima: Vansh, without my permission, how did Rohan become my guardian?

Vansh: Everything was done by your beautiful autograph, sweetheart.

Riddhima: Vansh, I can’t understand.

Rohan: Riddhima, I will tell you. On your mehandi ceremony you signed some documents, right. First, you signed the property transferring paper. Second, you have signed the guardian authority paper. You have willing accepted me as your guardian.

Riddhima: Definitely, you are a beast, who are you to decide my life?

Vansh: Riddhima, Rohan is your elder brother and also your guardian now.

Riddhima: Wait a minute, I have signed so much paper. Then you both are hiding many things from me, isn’t it?

Vansh: Sweetheart, everything will be relieved slowly. You need energy to fight with your devil husband and beast brother. So, take rest now.


Riddhima came home after two days from the hospital. Everyone in the house welcomed her happily except Chanchal. Rajeev Malhotra, Sunil and Karthik were allowed inside the mansion. Everyone came to the living area. Chanchal couldn’t tolerate the dominace of Vansh and Riddhima.

Chanchal: Riddhima, every time you create attention towards you. Definitely you are an attention seeker.

Vansh: Stop it! Chanchal aunty, do I want you to throw you out of the VR mansion?

Chanchal: Vansh, why are you always dominating everyone in this family? This ARR groups company has three shares, my husband, Rohan and you have equal powers. So I also have equal rights to show my dominance.

Vansh: Chanchal aunty, I think you are not updated. Now, ARR group has only two shares. It is mine and Rudra uncle. Rohan gave his share to me. My share is 75% now and Rudra uncle’s share is 25%. So I have more rights than everyone in this house.

Chanchal: But, how did it happen? Rohan’s sister needs to sign it, right. She is dead in that car accident before 18 years ago. So don’t tell a fake story to me.

Vansh: Rohan’s sister is not dead. She is alive. Rohan’s sister is none other than Riddhima.

Everyone was stunned to hear Vansh’s statement. But, Riddhima didn’t give any expression.

Vansh: Yes, Riddhima is alive. Now, you should believe the fact that 75% of the share belongs to me. The entire mansion should listen to my decision and accept it as an order.

Chanchal was dumbstruck. She looked at Rudra. Rudra was just standing quietly in the corner.

Rajeev: Vansh, what have you done? Why did you change the property of Rohan and Riddhima to your name? That property belongs to my brother.

Rohan: Bade papa, but now the property belongs to Vansh.

Rajeev: Rohan, Vansh is manipulating you. He is using your friendship as a weapon. Why don’t you understand? He will definitely deceive you.

Rohan: Bade papa, I believe Vansh. It was my dad’s property. I have all rights to transfer it in Vansh’s name.

Ahana: Dad, just leave it. It was a decision taken by Rohan and Riddhima. We can’t change the decision.

Sunil: Vansh, first, you took Rohan from us. Next, you married Riddhima forcefully. Then, you are saying that you have taken the property of Riddhima and Rohan. What do you think about yourself?

Vansh: I am Vansh Raisinghania. Everything in this mansion will be going according to my order. Mr. Sunil, not only the property. Riddhima also belongs to me.

Riddhima didn’t utter a word while the conversation was going on. She quietly stood up from the sofa and went to her room.

Riddhima entered the room and sat on the bed. Tears were rolling from her eyes. She quickly wiped off her tears. Riddhima thought, “I need to be strong now. I should not get weak with my emotions.”

Rohan and Vansh entered the room together. Riddhima looked at them and started to throw the pillow at them.

Rohan: Riddhima, what are you doing? Why are you attacking me and Vansh?

Riddhima: Because I hate you both. I can’t understand you both. You are looking like a puzzle or a riddle in my life. Tell me exactly what you need from me.

Vansh: Just you, sweetheart.

Riddhima angrily went inside the washroom and closed the door. Rohan and Vansh were chuckling at each other by seeing Riddhima’s cute anger. Vansh hugged Rohan.

Vansh: Thank you for believing me and giving your share in the company and property to me.

Rohan: Hello, Mr. Vansh. Don’t you know that friends should not say thank you or sorry between them? I believe you more than myself.

Vansh: Rohan, we should be more careful now. Everyone has come to know about Riddhima’s birth. Not only that but also about Riddhima’s property transferred to my name.

Rohan: So, what will be our enemy’s next plan?

Vansh: If my guess is correct, they will try to kill me.


Mohit Sharma and the joker mask man were standing in the tall building. Mohit Sharma was shouting like a mad. But, the Joker mask man remained calm.

Mohit Sharma: Each time, Riddhima is escaping from death. Now the entire property belongs to Vansh. What should we do now?

Joker mask man: Very impressive move, Vansh! But, this time I will not let you win. I will kill you and get the property of Rishi Malhotra from you.

What will happen to Vansh?
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