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Shakti 16th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Gitu and her father gets kidnapped



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The Episode starts with Heer thinking of Virat asking her not to go, but she has to leave for Gitu. Heer is in Gitu’s house. Gitu asks her to have food and says she made the food with the things they have at her house. Heer says she is not hungry. Gitu says you haven’t eaten food since yesterday and asks her to have something. She asks if she will get sleep here in the small house. Heer says this house is like my house. Gitu’s father tells that she is an angel to them for helping his daughter. He tells Gitu that he is going out. Gitu makes Heer sit to have food and asks if she is really a kinnar?

Daljeet says I thought Virat will not support Heer, but he is still supporting her. The goon calls Daljeet and tells that Police is after him. Daljeet asks him to kidnap Gitu and her father and says if that girl is not there, then what Police will do. He sees Gurwinder gaining consciousness and tells her that Doctor asked him to give her medicine. He makes her have medicine and asks her to sleep. Gurwinder falls unconscious or get sleepy again. He says just one day more, I will handle everything.

Heer keeps the plate aside and looks silently at Gitu. Gitu understands her silence and says then also Virat Bhaiyya loved and married you. She tells that she was thinking all night, how she (Heer) might have problem in adjusting or to make relations. She says don’t spoil your relations because of me, asks her to return home and says Bhaiyya ji will forgive you. Heer says Virat will never get upset with me and says he doesn’t know the truth and that’s why he is not standing with you like me. She says when he comes to know about the truth then he will also stand with you, as I trust my love. Virat sees Daljeet sitting at Gurwinder’s bedside. Daljeet asks him to come inside and starts caring for her. Virat asks how is Bhabhi? Daljeet says she gained consciousness, but then I made her have medicine to make her sleep.

Gitu’s father comes home and tells Heer that they shall go to the PS and ask if they have arrested the goon. Heer says lets go. The goon masked his face and calls other goons. They kidnap and take Gitu and her father leaving Heer. They push Heer and drive off. Heer takes her mobile and calls Virat. Daljeet sees Heer call on Virat’s mobile and replaces Virat’s mobile with his. Virat tells Daljeet that Heer is supporting Gitu, she didn’t know the truth. Daljeet says but Heer shouldn’t have told that she is a kinnar. Heer comes to the PS. The kinnars ask Heer why did she reveal her identity of a kinnar and asks if the respected life was not digested. The constables hear and think if she is kinnar. Heer asks who has sent you here? They tell that they will worsen her condition so that she will remember it all life. A kinnar asks other kinnar to blacken Heer’s face. Heer asks them not to do this, else it will be back. The other kinnars hold Heer. A kinnar comes is about to blacken her face. Kinnar kicks the kinnar and takes the stick to beat them. She beats them with and warns them not to do anything wrong with her, else she is also a kinnar like them and will not leave them. Inspector comes there and asks what is happening? Constable tells Inspector that she is a kinnar. Inspector asks if you are really a kinnar. Heer says yes, I am a kinnar and tells that this is what Daljeet wanted that you all shall busy in questioning my identity, so that my strength gets broken. She says I am a kinnar, and I am proud to be a kinnar, as I see that the men Police standing here and the women Police here, are standing here just and I am the one who is supporting a victim. She says if you had taken action against the goon, then Gitu and her father wouldn’t have kidnapped. She asks Inspector to go and search them. Inspector asks Constable to come.

Chameli comes to Preeto and Harak Singh’s house. Preeto sees her and asks Harak Singh to come. They go to Chameli. Chameli tells that there is a big problem and tells that Heer’s identity is revealed. She is sitting in the Police station alone. Harak Singh asks why? Chameli asks if they don’t know about Gitu. Preeto says no. Chameli tells that she wants justice for Gitu and asks her to come. Inspector calls Sant Baksh and says your kinnar bahu is sitting in the Police station and asking us to take actions. Sant Baksh gets angry and asks her not to take any action. Heer asks Inspector to take action and search Gitu and her father. He asks her to leave and asks Constables to take her out. Heer asks Inspector to do investigation and says Gitu is kidnapped. They bring Heer out and push her out. She falls on Guru. She stands and asks Guru, you are here. Guru says I had gone to your house and tells that he reads outside the house, and asks if she is a kinnar. Heer says so what, if Kinnars are not humans and don’t have rights to fight for anyone’s justice. She says it is not my choice to be a kinnar and says if you want to break friendship with me, then do it, everyone is doing the same. Guru holds her hand and says I came to support you, as I know you are not wrong. Preeto, Harak Singh comes there with Chameli. Preeto says even we are with you. Heer hugs her. Preeto says you was fighting this alone, and says your Harak Singh is alive. Chameli says she will ask kinnars to search them. Guru says I will search them along with the students. Preeto asks Heer to come. Heer thinks there is one way to reach Gitu.

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