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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st August 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi takes Avnit’s side against Mahi



Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jogi comes to Mahi who is sitting beside an injured Seema lying in the bed. Jogi consoles her and says her body must be in shock, she will be fine in a day or two. Mahi looks away and says nothing will be right. Someone tried to kill my mom and it won’t be fine till I find that person. Jogi says stop taunting indirectly. Why would Bebe lie that Avnit was with her in her room? Stop doubting as it’s your misunderstanding. Mahi says it’s the truth. Jogi says forget all that and just take care of mummy so she can wake up fast. We can call Mata Rani to ask for help. Mahi slightly smiles. They both pray to Mata. Avnit glares at them from afar and says Mata can’t listen to their prayers as then I won’t be united with my Jogi. She can’t wake up. She puts her hand over the candle and says Mata I will burn myself down in front of you if you make Seema wake up. if you care about my pain then don’t let her wake up please. Jogi-Mahi pray with clean heart for Seema. Jogi sees Seema moving her head and tells Mahi. She rushes to her and asks her to open her eyes. Avnit glares at Mata Rani seeing it.

Jogi calls the doctor to check Seema. She is awake. The doctor asks everyone to leave the room so he can do her checkup. They all come out of the room. The police arrive there. The inspector says we got a call from here. Rupa says who would call you here? Mahi comes ther and says I called him, she tells the inspector that someone tried to kill my mom here and I want you to find the killer. The inspector says we need to take her statement. Mahi says you can after her checkup is done. Rupa is angry and takes Mahi from there.

Rupa tells Mahi that you have insulted me and my guests a lot but enough now. She says you are crossing the limits. Jogi comes there and says Mahi is doing the right thing. Avnit’s dad says you think Avnit tried to kill her mom? Rupa says Avnit was with me last night but you just trust this girl. Jogi says it’s not about you, Mahi’s mother got attacked so she has a right to find out the truth. If it was my mother then I would have done the same thing.

Mahi comes back to Seema and asks her to say something. All family members look on. The doctor tells Mahi that her mom can’t speak. Her body has been paralyzed and it has affected her speech. Mahi cries and says nothing happened to my mom. Jogi hugs and consoles her. Mahi sees Seema unable to move her hand. The doctor says recovery is not fast in these cases. Mahi glares at Avnit and says this girl did all this. She is about to attack her but Jogi stops her and says what are you doing? You have a right to know the truth but you can’t blame her without any proof. Avnit smiles seeing that he is taking her side. Mahi cries and says how will I find the proof when my mom can’t speak? The doctor says she can understand things and she can point the attacker with her eyes. Mahi asks Seema to point the attacker in front of the inspector. Avnit silently shows a gun to Seema so she gets scared. The inspector asks Seema to blink her eyes if Avnit attacked her. Seema doesn’t blink. He asks if her falling down was an accident? Seema blinks. The inspector says nobody attacked her so we have to end the case. Mahi and others rush behind the inspector. Avnita holds Seema’s hand and says I take you as my mother, I will pray for you. She whispers to her that I changed my fate. The flashback shows how when Mahi was talking to the inspector. Avnit heard the doctor. Avnit came to Seema and said that God is with me that’s why he has left you as an alive dead body. I want to strangle you right now but your daughter has called the police so let’s play a game. The first option is that you keep your mouth shut, the second option is that you point me out. Then.. she shows her the gun and says I will shoot and kill Mahi before the police arrests me. Just take the right decision. The flashback ends.
Jogi is consoling Mahi. Avnit comes to Mahi and says I am not a normal girl, I can do anything for my family but I can never hurt my family even if they hurt me, she cries and leaves. Mahi looks at Seema and cries. Jogi hints at Rupa to console her but she doesn’t. Jogi says I will take mummy from here. Rupa says don’t say rubbish things, I won’t let her go anywhere in this condition. I know we fight a lot but that doesn’t mean I would leave her alone in this situation. She sits beside Seema and says I like to fight with you so I don’t like seeing you like this, just be fine soon so we can fight. She starts to leave but Mahi hugs her tightly. Rupa controls herself and doesn’t hug her back. She leaves from there. Seema thinks my daughter is in trouble and I can’t even help her, God protect her.

Mahi asks Jogi to bring some medicines. I will sleep with mummy tonight, I will take care of her. Jogi sees her rambling and hugs her tightly. Mahi cries in his arms and says I am very scared. Avnit sees them hugging and is angry. Jogi wipes Mahi’s tears and says I won’t let anything wrong happen. He kisses her forehead. Mahi says it’s all my fault, I couldn’t take care of my mom. Jogi says stop blaming yourself. Mahi says you are right, it’s all that Avnit’s fault. Jogi says enough, you don’t trust me but your mom confirmed that Avnit was not involved in this accident. Avnit and I have an old friendship, she can’t even kill a fly let alone hurt someone. In childhood, people used to bully her but she never answered them back. She can never hurt a person, I think you are wrong this time and Avnit is right. Avnit hears all that and is elated. Mahi is stunned.

The episode ends.

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