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Pratigya 2 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna gives an ultimatum to Sumitra



Pratigya 2 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pratigya and Krishna see Garv waking up. Krishna says my son is a prince, he makes him sit up and makes him eat with his hands. Garv smiles seeing his love. Tera Yar hun main plays. The family enjoy together.

Kesar is cleaning Sumitra’s room when she finds Garv’s real DNA report. She says it means Sumitra changed it. Kesar confronts Sumitra. She asks her to get lost, just focus on yourself. Kesar says I will tell this to Pratigya and Krishna. Samar sees her calling Pratigya and says I have some work, please come. Kesar goes with him. Samar takes her to a room where Sumitra grabs her.

Komal tells Adarsh that I really loved seeing Krishna’s family together today. I just want to have a family like this, once we have babies then everything will be fine. Adarsh says don’t dream which will hurt you. You can never raise a kid. Komal says I have raised Garv, I will be a nice mother. Adarsh says where was your motherly love when Garv used to call Krishna his uncle? Komal says I became selfish but I can raise a baby. Adarsh says you are not a good person to have a baby.

Sumitra ties Kesar to a chair and says I will take revenge for killing my son. She puts a gun on her head and says I will shoot you.

Adarsh tells Komal that it’s good you didn’t have a child. Komal shouts enough, I had a baby whom I lost. You would never know what the pain of losing a partner and a baby is. I had to be selfish to fight against this world alone. I took my family’s side because this family took me in when I lost everything, if they didn’t take me back then I would be lost somewhere. I loved my daughter.. she cries and says you didn’t have to remind of her. Adarsh feels bad and says I am sorry. Komal says do you think that I can be a good mother? We can have a baby and then everything will be fine. Adarsh says you are still thinking about yourself, think about me also. You can be a good mother but you can’t be a mother of my child. He leaves from there.

Scene 2
Sumitra is about to shoot Kesar but they hear Krishna arriving. They lock Kesar in a room and leaves.
Krishna and Pratigya bring Garv home. Garv tells Kriti that I have got your gift, it’s in that empty room. Kriti says I will go and check. Sumitra gets tensed as Kesar is locked there. Sumitra asks Kriti to go and rest, you can take the gift later on. Kriti says no, I will rest after getting my gift. Kriti comes to the room but it’s locked. She comes and tells everyone that room is locked. Pratigya says that room is never locked? I will ask Kesar to give me the key. Sumitra says Kesar is not home, she left for some work. Adarsh asks Sumitra to give the key then. Sumitra says I don’t have it. Adarsh says let’s go and open it. Krishna says fine. They all come to the room. Krishna says I will break the lock. Sumitra says we can wait for Kesar. Krishna says Kriti wants the gift. Krishna breaks the lock and goes inside. All are shocked to see Kesar tied to a chair there. Sumitra says who did this? Krishna glares at her.

Krishna asks Kesar who locked you there? Samar says I did it, you can send me to jail or kill me. Krishna says you wanted to kill your mother? Samar says you can call the police. Krishna says you want that? I will call the police now. Pratigya says why did you do it Samar? You want to become like your father? Didn’t you see what happened to him? Adarsh says he can’t do it alone, Sumitra must have taken his side. Pratigya asks Samar if Amma was involved in all this? Kesar says Samar and Amma both were at mistake but the important thing is that I found the DNA report in Sumitra’s room, she snatched it from me before I could call you. They then tied me to a chair, I think that DNA report is real. I think she plotted all this. Krishna asks Amma what did she do? She says I didn’t do anything. Krishna says you wanted to take revenge from me. I am giving you 24 hours to tell the truth otherwise I will call the police. Just apologize to Pratigya otherwise I will forget you are my mother.

PRECAP – Krishna tells Pratigya that he will get her name’s tattoo on his hand which is family removed. Krishna and Pratigya leave the house. Sumitra grabs Kriti and Garv to take them away from Krishna.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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