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Nima Denzongpa 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Nima accepts another woman for Suresh



Nima Denzongpa 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sunita slaps Suresh and says how dare you marry without telling me? Suresh says you also arranged my marriage without telling me. Sunita says I wanted a marathi daughter in law with rich father. What would this girl bring? Suresh says I love her. Sunita says you could have enjoyed with girls like her but just marry the family girl. You can ask that chinki girl to leave right now, then I will get you married to Payal. Suresh says I am telling you that you have to accept Nima as your daughter in law. Sunita says you will threaten me? She puts a knife on her neck and says you have to listen to me. Suresh says you did everything you wanted by pressurizing me like this always but I will show you the truth now. He takes the knife and puts it on his pulse. Sunita is stunned.

The women in the chawl are taunting Nima. Nima cries hearing them. A woman says this girl is ugly with small eyes, these women can be used to enjoy for sometime but they can’t become life partners. Asha says these women are born to break families. Nima cries and says I am from a good family, I didn’t do anything wrong. Payal cries and says I was getting married with Suresh but you have destroyed my life. Her mother says don’t be hasty, Suresh still hasn’t told his decision.

Sunita tells Suresh that think what people will say. Suresh says you care about your honor and what people will say but you don’t care about your son? I can leave this house and you but I know my responsibility. I can’t leave you or her but I can finish my life. He is about to cut his pulse but Sunita stops him.

Payal’s father tells Nima that I have nothing against you but I can do anything for my daughter’s happiness. Sunita brings Suresh there. He says I am ready to forget everything but you just have to take the right decision, we have to see how good your promise is. Sunita says everyone knows that I am a woman of my words. Today is my son’s wedding and it will happen in this mandap only. Nima is stunned. Suresh looks on. Sunita smiles at Payal but then goes to Nima. She smiles at her and brings her to Suresh. She tells everyone that my son will marry the woman that he likes. She tells Payal’s father that you want your daughter to marry without love but my son’s happiness matters to me. He shouts that I was mistaken, I thought you people are honorable, I saw you were greedy but I ignored that. I want everything back which you took as a dowry. Sunita says shut up, I will send everything back to you by tomorrow, I am not a beggar. My son will marry with same galore so get lost. Payal’s family leaves from there. Suresh smiles at his mother. Sunita takes Nima from there. Suresh’s friends tease for having a filmy wedding.

Scene 2
Nima comes to the mandap dressed as a marathi bride. Suresh stands on the other side of the curtain as they get married. They both smile each other. The curtain falls down and they exchange garlands. The mantras start. Sunita does their gathbandhan. She whispers to Suresh that you asked if I will choose honor or love. I am telling you that honor is the most important thing for me that’s why I got you married to this cheap woman, accepting her as your wife but I will never give her place in my heart. Nima doesn’t hear that. The wedding ends and they take Sunita’s blessings.

Suresh and Nima are going to their house but a guest says Sunita has to do your aarti before you both can enter the house. Suresh and Nima wait for Sunita at the door. All guests there. They hear TV on. Suresh comes in the house to see Sunita watching TV and ignoring them. A guest asks if she won’t aart of her new daughter in law? Sunita tells the woman Madhuri that if you want to dance then go somewhere else but this wedding has ended. She asks all the guests to leave. They all go away. Nima and Suresh look on. Suresh says we didn’t want to do all this but situation was bad. Nima says yes Ayi sorry. Sunita says to hell with your sorry. She tells Suresh that we have a blood relationship which can never end but this girl is your wife, she will always stay in my feet and I will not even spit at her. She goes from there. Nima is hurt. Suresh brings aarti plate and does her aarti. She smiles at him sadly. Suresh holds her hand and brings her to their decorated room. Nima says I know this room was decorated for someone else. Ayi would have been happy if you had married Payal. Suresh says what about my happiness? He holds her hand and says we have to take some steps in life for the right thing, Ayi is angry so she might say some bitter words, she might take your tests but time and Nima can do anything. Nima smiles. Suresh says I have a shortcut to win her heart. Nima says just tell me, I will do anything. Suresh says we can gift her a baby Suresh, her grandson.. Nima blushes and looks away. Suresh hugs her from behind. He makes her lie on the bed and they consummate their marriage.

4 Years Later
Sunita is in a function and plays with Madhuri’s grandson. She says he is very cute. I wish I had a grandson like him but I don’t have such good fate. She glares at Nima and says she has come here after taking so much time. She calls her. Nima is dressed like a marathi girl. Nima has two daughters. She comes to Sunita. Sunita tells her 3 year old daughter Sia to not touch her. Sunita asks Nima where were you till now? Nima says I was filling water tanks. Sunita says it’s a big day for Suresh and you were doing useless things? Bring Suresh here.

Nina comes to Suresh. He doesn’t look happy. Nima says everyone is waiting for you. She starts to leave but Suresh holds her hand and says I have never seen a more beautiful girl than you. Nima says don’t say all that, today is your engagement. Think about your bride Tulika. Suresh says think about me, I don’t want this at all. I don’t have a choice. He holds her hand. Nima smiles to hide her sadness.

Sunita welcomes the bride’s family. Tulika is dancing in her own engagement. She says I was always crazy for Suresh. Madhuri tells her that he would always go behind Nima.

Suresh wipes Nima’s tears and says you couldn’t give a grandson to Ayi so she is doing all this. I couldn’t even say anything to her, I should have just died. Nima stops him and says I have disappointed you both, I couldn’t give birth to a son. The flashback shows how after their 2nd daughter was born, the doctor told them that Nima can’t give birth again as it will be dangerous for Nima. Then Sunita told Suresh that she wants a grandson so he will have to get married again otherwise she will leave his life. The flashback ends. Suresh tells Nima that Ayi is wrong, you are not my ill-fate, you are my most beautiful dream, what about your dreams? You forgot all your dreams for me and Ayi. I couldn’t do anything for you, I was always stuck in my troubles. Nima cries and says it’s not your fault, I have a ill-fate, I have lost my parents but you shouldn’t separate from your Ayi because of me but… how will I see you with another woman? Suresh hugs and consoles her. Tulika sees them hugging and coughs. They move away. Tulika tells Nima that I understand your pain as a woman, you can consider me as your younger sister, we can make this work together, I don’t want to come between you both. Suresh smiles and says I am lucky, your thoughts are nice. Let’s go? Tulika asks Nima to adjust her saree. Suresh leaves. Nima is adjusting Tulika’s saree. Tulika says you look nice sitting in my feet. Nima is stunned. Tulika says that’s your place from now on. Just remember that. Tulika says Suresh is a man, we can’t share him like it’s a food plate. There will be only one woman in his life and that’s me, your story with him has ended. I have prayed for Suresh so much. You came between my love story. I loved him for years and now that I have got him, he will be mine only, just remember this. There is no fight as he is mine only. She leave from there. Nima looks on. She gets dizzy.

Suresh and Tulika’s engagement ceremony start. She hugs him while he is uncomfortable. Nima sees them together. Sia rushes to him. Sureah plays with her. Tulika silently pinches her. Sia cries so Tulika gives her to Nima and whispers her to take her kid away. Sunita comes on the stage and tells everyone in the chawl that today is the happiest day of my life, she says I will dance for my son and daughter in law Tulika. Nima smiles at her. Sunita dances happily on the stage while Suresh sadly looks on. Nima and Suresh sadly look each other, they recall their moments together. Sunita and Tulika make Suresh dance with them. Nima tries to control her dizziness.

The episode ends.

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