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Balika Vadhu Season 2 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anandi questions about her marriage with Jigar



Balika Vadhu Season 2 2nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jigar laughing at Gopal and telling Kalpesh that his brother were dancing wearing girl’s clothes. He says he will call Papa to scold her. Anandi scolds Jigar and Kalpesh and asks who are they to scold Gopal. Jigar asks her to talk properly and with respect with Kalpesh and him. Khim ji asks Prem ji from where he got the doll? Ratan says it was new, I had asked Prem ji to get the new one. She tells that it was broken by Kalpesh accidentally and asks him not to scold him. Prem ji asks Khim ji not to scold Kalpesh and says my Anandi got the doll as she wants and tells that he will be fine with time. Khim ji says I will not ask Kalpesh, but Anandi shall not know else will feel bad. Kalpesh asks Anandi to leave it. Anandi asks Jigar to talk with her nicely. Jigar says you are my wife and asks her to talk with him respectfully. Anandi says we are not husband and wife, tell this when we get married. Jigar says when you was small, that time only you was married to me. Anandi asks Jigar not to lie to her and says you are saying as I didn’t give my doll to you. Jigar says I can get many dolls if I ask Babu, and tells that the truth is that you are my wife. Anandi goes to ask them. She asks Prem ji if she is married to Jigar and tells that he lied to her. Jigar asks Prem ji to say the truth. Prem ji, Khim ji and others get shocked. Khim ji says marriage was fixed, but it didn’t happen.

Prem ji says Khim ji said right, the marriage haven’t happened. Jigar says you had told me that the marriage happened, then why are you refusing it now. Prem ji says I used to say that Anandi is your would be wife, you was small and misunderstood me. Sejal tells that their marriage will happen soon. Jigar says I don’t want to marry Anandi, she is really very bad. Jigar says Anandi made Gopal wear gagra choli and do garba with him. Anandi says Gopal only insisted to wear it. Prem ji scolds him. Jigar says nobody will scold her and goes from there. Kalpesh goes behind Jigar. Sejal tells Jigar that his marriage was fixed and not happened yet. He says you are not telling truth, don’t know why? Kalpesh comes there and says it is waste to talk to elders, we shall go somewhere and talk. Jigar goes with Kalpesh. Sejal comes back and tells that they have done wrong by hiding from their son. Prem ji says we shall tell the truth to both Jigar and Anandi. Jigar says he has been hearing since childhood that the marriage have happened. Kalpesh says he remembers that some puja have happened, but don’t know about marriage. Prem ji says we shall tell them, as Anandi will be soon come to our house. Khim ji asks if he wants to go to jail, and says Naag ji is waiting for them to get arrested. He says we shall lie for few more days. Sejal says our lie shall not be big that our children’s future will be affected.

Later Sejal tells Ratan that she felt good here. Ratan asks her to come often with Prem ji. Kalpesh comes. Sejal asks where is Jigar? Kalpesh says he is sitting in the car. Anandi comes there. Prem ji talks to Khim ji. Anandi comes there and offers doll to Jigar. She asks him to become her friend first. Jigar shakes hand with her and takes the doll. Anandi says I amyou’re your wife. Jigar says I am not your husband. Prem ji tells Anandi that she is very dear to him and that’s why he never wants to go away from her. Prem ji asks Jigar to thank Anandi. Jigar thanks her.

Voiceover: Living a lie is always more difficult and painful than living the truth.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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