To make our website active and live on the Internet, we need a Webhost Server, for which we buy Webhost Server from the Hosting Service Provider Company.

Today we will talk about which India’s best Top 5 Web Hosting Service Provider Company. First of all, definitely know what is web hosting and what are the types of it, only then buy hosting for your website.

Top 5 Web Hosting Service Provider Company in 2022

If we talk about a few years ago, only a few companies used to provide web hosting service, but in today’s time you will find thousands of companies from where you can buy web host servers, and all the companies themselves. No.1 and says best.

Now selecting one of these is a very difficult and confusing task, before knowing which is the best web hosting company in India, let us know what things we should keep in mind while buying a web host server.

Selecting a good web host company for your website is the hardest part. You will find many positive reviews of every company on the internet. Today I will tell you some such important things which must be checked before buying hosting.

Support: – When you have any problems related to hosting, then Tech Support Team should solve your problem as soon as possible.

Uptime: – Buy hosting for your website from where they guarantee to give 99.9% Uptime.

Security: – For any website, its data is very important. Therefore, take hosting only from those companies that use SSL service. You will find many companies which do not use SSL certificate, this type of website can be easily hacked by hackers, due to which your data can also be stolen.

Speed:- Hosting server speed should be fast, due to low server speed, page loading will be slow, slow server is not good for SEO and your customers / visitors.

Backup and Recovery: – If your website gets hacked or files get corrupted, in such a situation, to keep your data safe, buy hosting from those who provide the service of Daily / Weekly Backup of your website data in a full way.

Free Trial:- While buying Hosting, say once about Free Trial, after using Hosting’s Free Trial, it will be easier to understand its service.

Money Back Guarantee: – Buy hosting from a company that gives 100% Money Back Guarantee, so that even after buying Hosting, if you feel that the service of this company is not good, then you can get your money back.

1.      AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWebHosting has been providing high quality web hosting services at reliable prices to its global customers since 2003. They offer a variety of hosting services on both Linux and Windows servers.

AccuWeb has 15+ server locations around the world, and has hosted over 1 million websites. AccuWeb hosting plans come with 24*7 super-fast technical support.

Additionally, they offer a 99.9% uptime and money-back guarantee, and the best part of the services is the free cancellation.

 Moreover, they are recommended by some reputed brands like Microsoft and more.

AccuWeb different hosting plans include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Forex VPS, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server and more. The price of their web hosting starts from $2.99.

Top Features of the AccuWeb Hosting

2.      Bluehost

Bluehost is the most popular and good web hosting company that Belongs to Endurance International Group.

 Till date 2 Million Websites around the world have been hosted on Bluehost. Bluehost is quite famous for hosting not only in India but all over the world.

Here you also get an SSL Certificate for free with Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space, which you will not find anywhere else.

Another very good feature of this is that Automatic Data Backup of your website is taken every 5 days, so that important things are kept safe here. If we talk about its customer support, then it is very good as compared to other companies.

Bluehost starter Hosting Plan

3.      GoDaddy

GoDaddy is also a very popular company among Hosting Provider companies along with Domain. If you are a Beginner Blogger and want Shared Hosting for your blog, then GoDaddy is the best option for you.

Here you will get good hosting at Affordable Price which is Fast, Reliable, Secure and also quite safe. Here you will get all types of hosting, you can take any hosting according to your business.

GoDaddy Starter Hosting Plan


If you are looking for a cheap and good hosting for your website / blog, then you have found it, yes….It is none other than HostGator from where you can get good hosting for working money.

It is quite famous not only in India but in the whole world in terms of hosting. One of the reasons for its popularity is also that here you get Unlimited Disk Space along with Unbeatable Speed.

Even after 45 days of buying hosting from HostGator, if you do not like its service, then you will get full money back.

HostGator Starter Hosting Plan

5. Site Ground

Site Ground is also a very good web hosting company which is providing hosting service since 2004. It is also known for its Cooperative Customer Support, here also you will find Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

Site Ground uses super cache technology to make your WordPress website extremely fast. By hosting 500,000 domains till date, Site Ground has also become one of the best Hosting Provider company.

Site Ground has 4 Data Centres which are in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

Features of Siteground:


Selecting hosting for a website is completely based on what is the requirement of the website and which language or country your website is from. In today’s time, many companies are providing the service of web hosting and all are more than one, so choosing one of them is a very confusing task.

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